Daily Express, Monday, October 5, 1903

Poem 05

(Attribution uncertain)



Yesterday, the Parrot, sadly,
As if feeling pretty badly,
Perched himself with ruffled feathers
Up above the office door.
And his squawk, which once astounded,
In so low a whisper sounded
That he merely seemed to mutter, 1
That “Y––r  f––d  w–ll  c––t  y–u  m––e.”

Said I, in commiseration,
“Have you lost a near relation?
Has a pal turned back upon you?
Tell me, tell me, I implore!”
But the bird, without replying,
Just confined himself to sighing,
Though his beak appeared to falter,
That “Y––r  f––d  w–ll  c––t  y–u  m––e.”

“Oh, poor bird,” I said, “why ever
Do you look so sad? Whatever
Can have happened to induce you
To give up your solemn caw?
Even if your friends are shirking
Why should that prevent your working?”
But the bird could only whisper
That “Y––r  f––d  w–ll  c––t  y–u  m––e.”



On 3 October, the Daily Express reprinted an editorial from the previous day’s Daily Mail in which that paper announced that it had reason to believe that Chamberlain’s proposals had changed to the extent that the Mail might be able to withdraw its opposition to them.