Errata and addenda to The Millennium Wodehouse Concordance

Volume 1: Wodehouse in the Clubhouse


p. xiv:

McClure-COG is combined issue for June–July 1921

ThisWeek-JBW should be ThisWeek-KYT, as the title Keep Your Temper, Walter was used in both magazines. Title in FQO and USFQO is Joy Bells for Walter.


p. xv:

Red-PFO should be The Plus Fours

The parallel story to Strand-ALG should be Red-ATT, A Triple Threat Man, 2/36.

The parallel story to Strand-LEL should be Red-OOD, Not Out of Distance, 4/36.

The date of Strand-PTT should be 6/27.

Argosy-HHB should be The Hazards of Horace Bewstridge.


p. 1 and following:

Add entry for Acker, Merrill & Condit: “America’s Oldest and Finest Wine Shop”, founded 1820, still in business. (SatEvePost-WOW)

ADDAMS, Charles (1912–1988): American cartoonist and illustrator

ARBMISHEL: see Abe Mitchell

ARREEVADON: see Harry Vardon

ARMOUR, Tommy (1896–1968): Scottish-American pro golfer

ARTBASHIEKEFF: possible allusion to Boris Artzybasheff (1899–1965), Russian-American surrealist illustrator

BANNISTER, William: GMB here should be GOO as on p. xii, xvi

BATES, spelled Anastatia in all sources, except SatEvePost-PRS where it is Anastasia

BATES, Jane: same character as Jane Packard

BINGLEY, Teddy: omit “morose” — not supported by the story

BLACKWELL, Edward (1866–1945): Scottish amateur golfer

BORGLUM, Gutzon is correctly spelled this way in Cosmopolitan; delete alternate spellings.

BUTLER: Change MUP-ARB to TMU-ARB here, below at CAPE PLEASANT, and throughout this volume, for consistency with other volumes.

COHAN, George M. (1878–1942): American musical comedy playwright, songwriter, and performer

Add entry: CONSUL, THE ALMOST HUMAN: a member of the Wrecking Crew; named after a trained chimpanzee on the Edwardian stage (HOG-CFO, LEO-LEL)

DELAMERE, Claude (not Claud)

DELL, Ethel M. (1881–1939): British author of romance novels

DIX, Dorothy (Elizabeth Meriwether Gilmer, 1861–1951): American journalist, advice columnist

DUNCAN, George (1883–1964): Scottish pro golfer and course designer

FARRELL, Johnny (1901–1988): American pro golfer

FRY, Sidney Harold (1869–1961): beaten in the final of the 1902 British amateur championship by Charles Hutchings

GOOCH, Gloria: The character she plays in “Tried in the Furnace” is fortunately situated...

Add entry for GOTCH, Frank (1877–1917): American professional wrestler mentioned in ISM-WIV.

HACKENSCHMIDT, George (1877–1968): Estonian-born strongman and professional wrestler, active in Europe, Britain, America; rival of Frank Gotch

HAGEN, Walter (1892–1969): American pro golfer

HUTCHINGS, Charles (c. 1849–1922): oldest golfer to win Amateur Championship, 1902, at age 53; did not start playing until 1881, when he was over thirty.

LAMOUR, Dorothy: (1914–1996): American actress and singer

MARVIS BAY: Located in Cornwall in Uneasy Money; in Devonshire in several short stories (see volume 7, p. 178). Blogger “DG” suggests Carbis Bay near St. Ives, Cornwall.

MASSY, Arnaud (1877–1950): French professional golfer, won 1907 Open

MATHILDA, Lady: better described as a dragged queen; see Claude Delamere, pp. 28–29.

McBEAN, Sandy: Omitted in Strand-ROS; spelled MacBean in Golf Omnibus version of ROS.

McMURDO, Sidney George: also appears in MMS-PTT.

MEALING, Archibald: add cross-reference to Reginald Humby in Vol. 7, the cricketing original of this story.

MILSOM, Margaret: add cross-reference to Margaret Melville in Vol. 7, the cricketing original of this story.

MILSOM, Stuyvesant: add cross-reference to Brewster Melville in Vol. 7, the cricketing original of this story.

MILSOM, Mrs.: add cross-reference to Mrs. Melville in Vol. 7, the cricketing original of this story.

MORRIS, Old Tom (1821–1908): Scottish golfer, born and died at St. Andrews

MORRIS, Tommy (1851–1875): Scottish golfer, one of the pioneers of professional golf

MORRISON, Alex J. (1896–?): American golf instructor and author

MURRAY, Arthur (1895–1991): American dance teacher, founder of dance studio chain; the song “Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing in a Hurry” by Johnny Mercer and Victor Scherzinger was sung by Betty Hutton in the 1942 film The Fleet’s In.

OUIMET, Francis (1893–1967): American amateur golfer, first amateur winner of 1913 U.S. Open at age 20; the regulation 72-hole match ended in a three-way tie with Harry Vardon and Ted Ray, so an 18-hole playoff the next day decided the tournament.

PACKARD, Jane: see also Jane Bates.

PALMER, Arnold (1929–2016): American pro golfer

POTTER, Saul: also Professor Derrick’s opponent in Love Among the Chickens, defeated in semifinals. See volume 4, with corrections.

PRIG, Betsey: from Charles Dickens’s Martin Chuzzlewit

QUILL, Colonel: Though details on his life are hard to find, he is actually mentioned in Harry Vardon’s 1907 book How to Play Golf for this invention.

RAY, Ted (1877–1943): British pro golfer

SARAZEN, Gene (1902–1999): American pro golfer

SPELVIN, Anastatia (not Anastasia); see BATES, Anastatia

SPELVIN, George: a traditional theatrical pseudonym in America, used since the 19th century when an actor’s real name should not appear in the program for contractual reasons, or when one actor is playing a dual role and the audience should not be forewarned of this.

TAYLOR, John Henry (1871–1963): English professional golfer

TODD, Elmer: In SatEvePost-WOW, plays the same role as James Todd in CCU-WOW.

TRAVIS, Walter J. (1862–1927): Australian-American amateur golfer, teacher, golf course architect

VARDON, Harry (1870–1937): Jersey-born British pro golfer

VOLTERRAGIN and VEENER SIRADZEN: correct to SIRAHZEN as in GWT; cf. Walter Hagen and Gene Sarazen.

VOSPER, Hildebrand: butler to the Duke of Bootle for fifteen (Strand-KIW, Liberty-KIW) or eighteen years. Delete “Californian”; replace with Goldenville, Long Island.

WILDING, Tony (1883–1915): Wimbledon tennis champion 1910–13.

WOOSLEY, Freddie: spelled “Freddy” in SatEvePost-WOW.

Add entry: ZBYSZKO, Stanislaus (1879–1967): Polish professional wrestler referenced in ISM-WIV; Strand-WIH spells his name Zbysco.


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