Errata and addenda to The Millennium Wodehouse Concordance

Volume 5: Wodehouse at Blandings Castle

p. xiii:

Grand-LIP serial begins 6/23, not 7/23

PallMall-SUL serial ends 9/29, not 8/29

SatEvePost-HEW serial ends 15.7/33, not 14.7/33

Playboy-FAF and Argosy-FAF are the same story as PLP-SWB, so PLP-LWF (never in magazines) should not be printed between them, but rather should be moved to be the last line on this page.


ALCESTER, Marquess of: Not mentioned in SFR ch. 6.

BASTABLE, Sir Raymond: “In the words of Elsie Bean” is only indirectly true; in COT Lord Ickenham quotes what Elsie Bean said about Sir Aylmer Bostock in UND and applies it to Bastable.

BATES, ‘Stiffy’: The other Pelican who did this is Bill Bowman.

BAXTER, p. 23, second full paragraph: delete “original”; insert “revised (see p. ix)”

p. 23, last line: change “nephew” to “grandson”

BEACH, Maudie: add cross-reference to “Mrs. Bunbury”

BODKIN: Change “Montagu” to “Montague”

BUNTING, Mr.: In Volume 7 we learn from FRA that his given name is Cyril.

BYNG, Reggie: The last sentence “One might have thought...source” should not be here; the description is of Reggie’s passenger Lord Belpher. Reggie is “a slim and elegant young man” here and “long” elsewhere.

CARLISLE, Gertrude: add cross-reference to Vol. 8

CARLISLE, Gordon: add cross-reference to Vol. 8

CHINGACHGOOK: add cross-references to Vols. 6, 7, 8.

COOPER, Lancelot: add “Jerry Vail’s inspiration for creating Lavender Joe.”

COOTES, Lana: aged 12, not 10.

CROWE, Jimmy: In USCOT ch 2 and LHJ-COT, Jimmy was killed in the war. In COT he is an unnamed motor accident victim.

DONALDSON: add ref to APB ch 11 (which substantiates “only friend of the recluse”)

EMSWORTH, Countess of1: A mistake of title, surely? In all versions the portrait is of Lord Emsworth’s maternal grandmother; the late wife of the 7th Earl would be his paternal grandmother. So this entry should be renamed. After George Robey, add “or Eddie Foy in SNE and SatEvePost-SNE”. Change “fifth” to “last”; it was the sixth and final shot that hit the portrait in the face.

p. 99: Jaggard did not have easy access to searchable texts of the Wodehouse canon, but he might have been expected to find at least one of the other human Clarences:

Clarence Binstead (CFH, vol. 7 of this Concordance)
Clarence Dumphry (BIM, vol. 7)
Clarence Grayling (TCB, vol. 3)
Clarence MacFadden (MLF-TLF, vol. 8)
Clarence Mulliner (MEE-RBS, vol. 2)
Clarence Renshaw (PJI, vol. 3)
Clarence “Skipper” Shute (TMU-WDD, vol. 8)
Clarence “Hash” Todhunter (STS, vol. 7)
Clarence Tremayne (“Rule Sixty-three” —not yet discovered at the time)
Clarence Tresillian (TMU-TGP, vol. 8)
Clarence van Puyster (Colliers-PAP, vol. 8)
Clarence Yeardsley (MMJ-DCB, vol. 5)
and Reginald Clarence Chippendale (TGI, vol. 8)

FISHER, A L: a mishearing of “a well-wisher”

FOSBERRY, the Rev Canon: “until his retirement” is presumably based on Jaggard’s error in Blandings the Blest in which he has Belford succeeding Fosberry, forgetting that BCE-PHO is a 1927 story rather than part of a 1935 collection. The introduction to BCE notes that the Blandings stories in it precede Summer Lightning, but Jaggard failed to take that into account.

GARROWAY, Officer: Add a cross-reference to his appearance in TSB, volume 7.

GISH, Lillian (the correct spelling; correct in FIP ch 2; misspelled Lilian in SUL and PallMall-SUL; omitted in Colliers-SUL)

p. 127, second line: “...that the Strand and the UK book publication reverted...”

p. 127, last paragraph: “In CRW-CWB and The Best of Wodehouse...”

GUTENBERG, Johannes Gensfleisch (correct spelling)

HALLIDAY, John Stiffy: It was actually his mother and the parson, not godfather Gally, who attempted to prevent him being thus christened.

ICKENHAM, 5th Earl of: End of second paragraph, “late fifties” is in error; he is sixty in UND.

JANE: Constance Schoonmaker refused... — she is the signer of a letter on Connie’s desk, perused by the Duke.

LEOPOLD AND HIS BAND: Twice in FIP “Leopard” is an amusing misprint for “Leopold”.

LUTZ, Meyer (1829–1903): German-born composer/conductor of musical theatre, who spent his adult life in Britain. Gaiety Theatre composer/conductor 1869–94.

MARKET BLANDINGS: The Jaggard error described above under FOSBERRY also makes the third sentence of the first paragraph incorrect. Belford was parson in BCE-PHO which precedes HEW.

MARMADUKE: Duplicate entry; see Marmaduke Twistleton-Twistleton.

MATCHELOW: Mistaken reading; the Matchelows of Heron’s Hill, Sussex, were merely the hosts for the unnamed young man and Miss Frederica Something. No Viscounts anywhere in the account as far as I can see.

MONTGOMERY WARD: fell from 137 7/8 on September 3, 1929 to 49 1/4 on November 13, 1929.

OLD SURE-SHOT: also applied to Lord Ickenham (COT ch 2), without the hyphen.

PARKER, Connie: add “Sister of Laura Roddis.”

PARSLOE-PARSLOE: p. 214, third line: Sir Gregory is cousin of Monica Simmons and uncle of Monty Bodkin.

PATZEL, Fred (1878–1956): real-life hog-calling champion; see this article.

PEACE, Charles (1832–1879): English burglar and murderer

PSMITH, Ronald Eustace: why “elder”? I can’t find any reference to a brother. I can find no evidence for the elder Mr. Smith’s initials given here as R E. In Capt-TLL and MIK Psmith has lived all his life at Lower Benford, the village next to Crofton in Shropshire. In Capt-TheNewFold and PSC, his father has moved from Shropshire and taken Ilsworth Hall in a neighbouring county.

RACKSTRAW, Ava: in USCOT and LHJ-COT her name is given as Marlene.

SMITH, R E, the late: As above, his initials are speculative as far as I can tell. In Capt-TheNewFold and PSC, he has moved from Shropshire and taken Ilsworth Hall in a neighboring county simply because he had a poor opinion of Shropshire cricket, but his enthusiasm for cricket is new, so I cannot explain the opening sentence, taken from Jaggard’s Blandings the Blest.

STORTFORD, Bishop of: delete “the late” which is misapplied from the second Bishop of Stortford mentioned in the canon, the late father of Hermione Brimble (FQO-RAP, Cosmo-JBB). Delete “Percy” (p. 266, 2nd line) as that was the Christian name of the first Bishop, better known as Boko Bickerton. See Volume 2, pp. 126–7.

STOTTLEMEYER: cf. Duane Stottlemeyer (TGI) in Vol. 8.

STUBBS, Maudie: could add “Bunbury for disguise” to the list of her surnames.

THREEPWOOD, the Hon. Frederick: Only in SatEvePost-LIP and Grand-LIP does Psmith recognize Freddie in the train as a somewhat junior fellow Old Etonian. (ch 7; all references to the two of them at Eton omitted in books)

TOOLE, Johnnie: better known as J. L. Toole (1830–1906), English actor; his Gaiety period was 1868–77, but I have not yet found that he played in a piece called Partners.

VISITORS’ DAY: add “At Belpher Castle, Visitors’ Day was Thursdays from 2–4 p.m. (ADD ch 8)”


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