Jeremy's lodgings — somewhere in London.

A railway carriage, on the Waterloo to Axminster line.

Combe Regis, Dorsetshire — though it offers bathing, sea air, splendid scenery, and is a perfect hot-bed of golf, it is no place for the halt and maimed.

Ukridge's chicken farm — an old house in large grounds, at the top of a hill on the other side of the valley from the station.

Professor Derrick's croquet lawn — an Irishman's castle, though not impregnable to a marauding hen.

The Cob — a combination of pier and breakwater, from which a pleasant swim may be enjoyed at high tide.

The Net and Mackerel, Combe Regis — dark (or, at least, wet) deeds are plotted in its bar-parlour.

Professor Derrick's tennis court — scene of a naval victory

Combe Regis golf course — where Jeremy shows that the spoils do not always go to the victor.

Ware Cliffthe most soothing place in the world,

Those locations where any conversation or action takes place are shown in bold; locations that are merely mentioned or in which no action takes place are shown thus. Neither unnamed locations (eg an unnamed street) nor real-life locations are listed unless significant action takes place.

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