7A Arundell Street, Leicester Square — a lodging-house in which Ashe Marson (second-floor front) and Joan Valentine (first-floor front) rent rooms.

Hotel Guelph, Piccadilly — temporary abode of Hon Frederick Threepwood and his father, the Earl of Emsworth, during their visit to London.

R Jones's office, situated in a building in one of the streets that connect the Strand to the Embankment.

Senior Conservative Club — Lord Emsworth's London club.

Mr Peters London town-house — scene of the Great Scarab Robbery

Simpson's Restaurant, in the Strand — a moderatively-priced temple to the god of fatted plenty.

Blandings Castle — Lord Emsworth's ancestral home in Shropshire.

3 Denvers Street, Strand, houses the offices of the legal firm of Mainprice, Mainprice & Boole.

A Second Class railway carriage, between Paddington and Swindon.

Market Blandings — the country town nearest to Blandings Castle; its railway station serves the Castle.

Emsworth Arms — "the most respectable of the eleven inns" in Market Blandings

Those locations where any conversation or action takes place are shown in bold; locations that are merely mentioned or in which no action takes place are shown thus. Neither unnamed locations (eg an unnamed street) nor real-life locations are listed unless significant action takes place.

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