Wood Hills — the setting for "The Clicking of Cuthbert" it would be a suburban paradise, were the community not divided into two rival camps, the Golfers and the Cultured.

Woodhaven — the terrace in front of the Golf Club is a vantage-point peculiarly fitted to the man of philosophic mind ("A Woman is Only a Woman").

Hotel Superbe, Saint Brule — an hotel in the south of France where staff display an amiable tolerance towards guests who wish to practice chip-shots in their bedroom ("Sundered Hearts").

Auchtermuchtie — village in Scotland where Tamms McMickle gives golf lessons ("Sundered Hearts").

Marvis Bay Golf and Country Club, where, it is alleged, the Greens Committee derives a comfortable income from the sale of lost balls ("Ordeal by Golf").

Woodfield — from the garage at Woodfield, the Majestic Hotel in Royal Square is a drive of no more than £5 (by car), though it may take over 700 strokes if one has the misfortune to encounter a casual dog ("The Long Hole").

Wissahicky Glen — the club which Vincent Jopp joins when he decides to take up golf ("The Heel of Achilles").

The Kingdom of Oom, where, even with sixty-seven gods, they can always find room for another ("The Coming of Gowf").

Those locations where any conversation or action takes place are shown in bold; locations that are merely mentioned or in which no action takes place are shown thus. Neither unnamed locations (eg an unnamed street) nor real-life locations are listed unless significant action takes place.

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