Number of Biblical References
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The following table gives the title, the English publication date and the total number of biblical quotations and allusions I was able to identify. In blue, the novel with the greatest concentration of biblical passages thus far.

The Pothunters190211
A Prefect's Uncle190314
Tales of St Austin's190329
The Gold Bat190413
William Tell Told Again19040
The Head of Kay's19054
Love Among the Chickens190619
The White Feather190711
Not George Washington190710
The Swoop19092
Mike at Wrykyn190912
Mike and Psmith190917
A Gentleman of Leisure19106
Psmith in the City191014
The Little Nugget191314
The Man Upstairs191439
Something Fresh191522
Psmith Journalist191517
Uneasy Money191713
The Man with Two Left Feet191721
Piccadilly Jim191835
My Man Jeeves191916
A Damsel in Distress191928
The Coming of Bill192030
Jill the Reckless192129
Indiscretions of Archie192141
The Clicking of Cuthbert192224
The Girl on the Boat192217
The Adventures of Sally192219
The Inimitable Jeeves192321
Leave It to Psmith192318
Bill the Conqueror192432
Carry On, Jeeves192515
Sam the Sudden192538
The Heart of a Goof192618
The Small Bachelor192710
Meet Mr Mulliner192726
Money for Nothing192824
Mr Mulliner Speaking192914
Summer Lightning192932
Very Good, Jeeves193035
Big Money193128
Doctor Sally193213
Hot Water193216
Mulliner Nights193338
Heavy Weather193337
Thank You, Jeeves193428
Right Ho, Jeeves193439
Blandings Castle193522
The Luck of the Bodkins193525
Young Men in Spats193619
Laughing Gas193616
Lord Emsworth and Others193739
Summer Moonshine193830
The Code of the Woosters193835
Uncle Fred in the Springtime193930
Eggs, Beans and Crumpets194024
Quick Service194015
Money in the Bank194638
Joy in the Morning194748
Full Moon194736
Spring Fever194845
Uncle Dynamite194842
The Mating Season194946
Nothing Serious195042
The Old Reliable195137
Barmy in Wonderland195237
Pigs Have Wings195241
Ring for Jeeves195323
Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit195439
French Leave195631
Something Fishy19577
Cocktail Time195852
A Few Quick Ones195938
Jeeves in the Offing196046
Ice in the Bedroom196117
Service with a Smile196133
Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves196350
Galahad at Blandings196528
Plum Pie196634
Do Butlers Burgle Banks?196846
A Pelican at Blandings196928
The Girl in Blue197032
Much Obliged, Jeeves197140
Pearls, Girls and Monty Bodkin197226
Bachelors Anonymous197320
Aunts Aren't Gentlemen197427
Sunset at Blandings197710

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