Chronology of Changes


26-Jul-2020: Updated and expanded annotations to Money for Nothing added to Annotations section

12-Jul-2020: Updated and expanded annotations to Hot Water added to Annotations section

3-Jul-2020: Editorial comment from March 1910 on real-life New York gangs as depicted in Psmith, Journalist added to Captain menu

22-Apr-2020: Annotations to Bill the Conqueror added to Annotations section

18-Apr-2020: New Boys’ Friend menu added

15-Apr-2020: “The Physical-Culture Peril” added to UK Pall Mall menu

8-Apr-2020: First reprint of American magazine version in a century! 1908 Short Stories magazine version of “The Guardian” added to Others menu

2-Apr-2020: First reprint of longer American magazine version in a century! 1909 People’s magazine version of “In Alcala” added to Others menu

8-Mar-2020: Annotations to If I Were You added to Annotations section

17-Feb-2020: Updates and additions to Series Characters menu

16-Feb-2020: New page with ordering information for Who’s Who in Wodehouse added

1-Jan-2020: One cricket story reprinted in 1924 added to Others menu

1-Jan-2020: Eight-part serial of Bill the Conqueror and five stories (golf, Jeeves, Blandings, Bobbie Wickham) from 1924 added to Saturday Evening Post menu

1-Jan-2020: Two items from 1924 added to new John o’ London’s Weekly menu

1-Jan-2020: One football report from 1924 added to Alleynian menu

1-Jan-2020: Nine stories (golf, Jeeves, Blandings, Ukridge, Bobbie Wickham) and an article from 1924 added to Strand menu

1-Jan-2020: One Ukridge short story from 1924 added to Cosmopolitan menu

1-Jan-2020: Refreshed home page and Title menu with new information on 1924 material now available on this site

7-Apr-2019: “Some anecdotes” newly identified as submitted by Wodehouse to Pearson’s, November 1905 [JD/NM]

31-Mar-2019: Neil Midkiff’s pages of information on the Wodehouse short stories and novels are now hosted here; see his menu

4-Feb-2019: Biblical annotations to Sam the Sudden added to Biblia Wodehousiana

16-Jan-2019: Biblical annotations to A Gentleman of Leisure added to Biblia Wodehousiana

5-Jan-2019: New reference page of Shakespeare Quotations and Allusions in Wodehouse added [DS/AK/IM/NM]

1-Jan-2019: Refreshed home page and Title menu with new information on 1923 material now available on this site

1-Jan-2019: Updates and additions to Series Characters menu

1-Jan-2019: Nine Ukridge short stories from 1923 added to Cosmopolitan menu

1-Jan-2019: Seven-part serial of Leave It to Psmith added to Grand menu

1-Jan-2019: Two school stories reprinted in 1923 added to Others menu

1-Jan-2019: Three 1923 golf stories added to Red Book menu

1-Jan-2019: Eight-part serial of Leave It to Psmith and a 1923 golf story added to Saturday Evening Post menu

1-Jan-2019: Ten stories (golf, Jeeves, Ukridge) from 1923 added to Strand menu.

1-Jan-2019: “Should Ocean Liners Be Abolished” added to Vanity Fair (US) menu

4-Dec-2018: Updated and expanded annotations to Ukridge added to Annotations section

4-Dec-2018: Updated and expanded annotations to A Damsel in Distress added to Annotations section

17-Jun-2018: Updated and expanded annotations to Summer Lightning added to Annotations section

27-May-2018: Updated and expanded annotations to The Inimitable Jeeves added to Annotations section

07-May-2018: Updated and expanded annotations to Sam the Sudden added to Annotations section

23-Apr-2018: Updated and expanded annotations to Leave It to Psmith added to Annotations section

20-Mar-2018: Previously unknown version of a short story! "Looking After Thomas" (a revision and retitling of "The Guardian") added to Novel Magazine menu [AK/KS/IM/NM]

26-Dec-2017: Annotations added to Collier’s (American) version of "Absent Treatment."

22-Dec-2017: Annotations added to "Absent Treatment", and a version showing differences between UK and US magazine texts added to Strand menu.

18-Dec-2017: Canadian serialization of Mostly Sally added in new Maclean’s menu [AK/IM/NM]

21-Nov-2017: New menu of Errata and Addenda to the Millennium Wodehouse Concordance added

15-Nov-2017: Annotations added to "Leave It to Jeeves" in Saturday Evening Post section

30-Oct-2017: Annotations added to "Archibald's Benefit" in Collier's section

27-Oct-2017: "A Shocking Affair" from Tales of St. Austin's added to Others section

20-Apr-2017: Original version! "Abe: A New York Literary Agent" from The Globe added [AK/NM]

17-Mar-2017: Symbol ✎ added to publication menus to indicate items with annotations

16-Mar-2017: Updated and expanded annotations to the Kid Brady stories added in Pearson’s (US) section [TG/NM]

06-Mar-2017: Updated and expanded annotations to Right Ho, Jeeves added to Annotations section

07-Dec-2016: Updated and expanded annotations to Thank You, Jeeves added to Annotations section

28-Nov-2016: Anonymous article from 1919 based on an interview with Wodehouse: "An English Master of Yankee Slang" from The American Legion Weekly added in "Notes & Lists" section under "News Articles"

03-Jun-2016: Two uncollected football reports from 1921 from The Alleynian added [AK/NM]

28-May-2016: Two uncollected cricket articles from 1907, one by Wodehouse and one about him, from The Alleynian added [AK/NM]

26-May-2016: Original version! "The Amazing Ambassador" from Sunday Chronicle added in Others section. [AK/NM]

25-May-2016: Original version of Wodehouse’s first paid article in a general-circulation periodical! "Men Who Have Missed Their Own Weddings" from Tit-Bits added [AK/NM]

17-May-2016: Newly discovered short article! "A Family Doctor Tells this Story" from Weekly Telegraph added [AK/NM]

23-Jan-2016: First reprint of American magazine version in almost a century! "Cuthbert Unexpectedly Clicks" from The Elks Magazine added [TR/IM/NM]

22-Jan-2016: "The Progressive's Progress" from The World added [TR/AK/IM/NM]

31-Dec-2015: First reprint of longer American magazine version in a century! "Crowned Heads" from The Argosy added [TR/NM]

30-Dec-2015: First reprint of longer American magazine version in a century! "By Advice of Counsel" from Pictorial Review added, with dynamic footnotes showing differences from British text [TR/NM]

19-Dec-2015: First reprint of American magazine version in a century! "When Doctors Disagree" from Success added [AK/NM]

25-Nov-2015: Two uncollected theatrical reviews (one previously thought lost) from The Onlooker added [AK/AR/NM]

19-Nov-2015: Two uncollected Epigrams from Vanity Fair (UK) added [KF/NM]

10-Nov-2015: "The Harmonica Mystery" (much longer American version of "The Education of Detective Oakes") from All-Story Cavalier Weekly added in "Others" menu [AK/NM/IM]

08-Jun-2015: Stories, sketches, and verse from Pearson’s Magazine (UK) proofread, revised, and updated

03-Jun-2015: Newly discovered political satire! "Von Bernstorff: The Amazing Ambassador" from West Australian added to "Others" menu [AK/NM]

30-May-2015: Newly discovered variant version of "A Job of Work"! "The Peer Who Worked" from Kangaroo Island Courier added to "Others" menu [AK/IM/NM]

30-Jan-2015: First reprint of American newspaper version in a century! "The Prince and Betty" (serialization of American book edition with Peaceful Moments subplot) added to new Evening Mail menu [AK/IM/NM]

15-Jan-2015: Newly discovered reprint of "The Pro." from Novel Magazine added [KS/NM]

07-Jan-2015: Newly discovered Wodehouse poem!! "The New Drama" added, under Daily Express (UK) [JD/NM]

11-Nov-2014: First reprint of British magazine version in a century! "The Intrusions of Jimmy" (serialization of A Gentleman of Leisure) added to new Tit-Bits menu [NM/AK]

08-Oct-2014: "The Great Day" (verse) added from The Alleynian

18-Sep-2014: First reprint of American magazine version in a century! "Three from Dunsterville" from Pictorial Review added [AK/IM/NM]

09-Sep-2014: Newly discovered article! "Living Among Ghosts" from Ideas added [AK/IM/NM]

06-Jul-2014: Newly discovered Wodehouse short-short story!!! "The Pitiable Position of a President" added, under Vanity Fair (UK) [NM]

23-Jun-2014: "The Cricketer in Winter" (article, not poem) from Land and Water Illustrated added to Other Publications menu

20-Jun-2014: New "Items by Title" menu added to navigation bar [AK/NM]

19-Jun-2014: Newly discovered Wodehouse sportswriting! Seventeen uncollected reports on soccer and rugby matches from The Daily Mail added [AR/AK/JD/KS/IM/NM]

16-Jun-2014: Newly discovered newspaper article! "The Humbug of Air" from The Daily Mail added [AR/NM]

09-Jun-2014: First reprints of American magazine versions in a century! "The Dinner of Herbs" and "Parted Ways" from Pictorial Review added

04-Jun-2014: "The Eighteen-Carat Kid" from The Captain revised and updated

03-Jun-2014: "Psmith, Journalist" from The Captain revised and updated

28-May-2014: "The New Fold" (Psmith in the City) from The Captain revised and updated

25-May-2014: Poems from Daily Chronicle revised and updated

22-May-2014: Poems, articles, stories, and columns from Vanity Fair (UK) added, revised, and updated

16-May-2014: Newly discovered Wodehouse story!!! "Rule Sixty-Three" added, under Novel Magazine [CST/AK/NM]

10-Feb-2014: Extended version of "O Woman! Wodehouse, the Globe, and the Suffragettes" added to the Globe Reclamation Project [JD/NM]

03-Feb-2014: Previously uncollected, significantly longer magazine version of "The Prince and Betty" from Ainslee's added

02-Feb-2014: Previously uncollected, significantly extended version of "The Romance of an Ugly Policeman" from Ainslee's added

01-Feb-2014: Newly discovered serial "For Love or Honour" added to Globe Reclamation Project

29-Jan-2014: "The Lost Lambs" (Mike and Psmith) from The Captain revised and updated

11-Jan-2014: First-ever reprint: Four more Wodehouse Globe "turnover" articles added to the Globe Reclamation Project menu

02-Jan-2014: "Ahead of Schedule" and "The Man, The Maid, and the Miasma" from Grand added

19-Dec-2013: The Little Warrior (American version of Jill the Reckless) from Collier's added [NM/IM]

17-Dec-2013: First-ever reprint: Five Wodehouse Globe "turnover" articles added to the Globe Reclamation Project menu

16-Dec-2013: "Jackson Junior" (Mike at Wrykyn) from The Captain revised and updated

15-Dec-2013: Early school stories and novels from The Captain revised and updated

30-Nov-2013: Stories and serials from the Strand Magazine revised and updated

27-Nov-2013: John Dawson's "Wodehouse and the Suffragettes" article added under Notes & Lists [JD/NM]

23-Nov-2013: Wodehouse's complete 1902–1914 contributions to Punch revised and updated

22-Nov-2013: "The Romance of Mac's" from Red Book added

21-Nov-2013: "Charivaria" columns from Punch in 1913 added

14-Nov-2013: John Dawson's Sherlock Holmes/Conan Doyle references in Wodehouse page added under Notes & Lists [JD/NM]

12-Nov-2013: John Dawson's notes on the then-lost review "The Wisdom of Folly" in The Onlooker added [JD/NM]

11-Nov-2013: Plum's first published poem "On the New Football Ground" in The Alleynian added [JD/NM]

11-Nov-2013: New sheet music for "Back to His Native Strand" in Punch added

11-Nov-2013: New menu hosting Arthur Robinson's bibliographic lists added under Notes & Lists

19-Oct-2013: "Mother's Knee" and "The Wigmore Venus" from Cosmopolitan added

18-Oct-2013: "Washy Makes His Presence Felt" and "A Bit of All Right" and "First Aid for Loony Biddle" from Cosmopolitan added

17-Oct-2013: "Paving the Way for Mabel" from Cosmopolitan added

15-Oct-2013: "Dear Old Squiffy" and "Doing Father a Bit of Good" from Cosmopolitan added

12-Oct-2013: "The Man Who Married a Hotel" and "The Sausage Chappie" from Cosmopolitan added

29-Sep-2013: "Bingo and the Little Woman" from Cosmopolitan added

28-Sep-2013: "The Delayed Exit of Claude and Eustace" from Cosmopolitan added

17-Jul-2013: "The PGW Globe Reclamation Project" — article by John Dawson added [AK]

04-Jun-2013: "Deconstructing the Globe by the Way Book" — article by John Dawson added [AK]

31-May-2013: "Aunt Agatha Makes a Bloomer" from Cosmopolitan added

23-May-2013: "The Metropolitan Touch" from Cosmopolitan added

13-May-2013: The Adventures of Sally from Collier's Weekly added

06-May-2013: The Adventures of Sally from Grand Magazine added

03-May-2013: "Bertie Changes His Mind" from Cosmopolitan added

22-Apr-2013: "The Purity of the Turf" from Cosmopolitan added

20-Apr-2013: "The Rough Stuff" and "The Heel of Achilles" added to new Chicago Daily Tribune menu

19-Apr-2013: "The Great Sermon Handicap" from Cosmopolitan added

17-Apr-2013: "In Alcala" added to new London Magazine menu; "A Sea of Troubles" (Pearson's UK) added

16-Apr-2013: "Out of School", "Ruth in Exile", and updated version of "The Gem Collector" added to new Ainslee's menu; "The Watch Dog" from Hampton's added in Other Publications

15-Apr-2013: "Bertie Gets Even" and "Jeeves the Blighter" from Cosmopolitan added

13-Apr-2013: "Pots o' Money" and "Something to Worry About" added to new Metropolitan Magazine menu

01-Apr-2013: "Jeeves in the Springtime" from Cosmopolitan added; "Misunderstood" from Burr Mcintosh Monthly added in Other Publications [AK]

30-Mar-2013: "The Little Nugget" and "The White Hope" added in new Munsey's Magazine menu

29-Mar-2013: "Misunderstood" from Nash's Magazine (May 1910) added in Other Publications [AK]

26-Mar-2013: "Wilton's Vacation" from Illustrated Sunday Magazine added

22-Mar-2013: Red Book menu added with two Mixer stories and corrected version of "A Black Cat for Luck"; "Comrade Bingo" from Cosmopolitan added

20-Mar-2013: A Damsel in Distress and "The Spring Suit" from Saturday Evening Post added

11-Mar-2013: "A Woman Is Only a Woman" from Saturday Evening Post added, and Strand version corrected

08-Mar-2013: Parts 3-9 of Piccadilly Jim from Saturday Evening Post added [NM; from this point on NM is assumed to be the editor/uploader unless noted]

06-Mar-2013: John Dawson's annotations / notes to many Vanity Fair (UK) and the World added

24-Feb-2013: John Dawson's annotations / notes to many of the Daily Chronicle poems added

22-Feb-2013: Part 2 of Piccadilly Jim from Saturday Evening Post added [NM]

21-Feb-2013: "A Prisoner of War" from Illustrated Sunday Magazine added

19-Feb-2013: "Jeeves and the Chump Cyril" and Part 1 of Piccadilly Jim from Saturday Evening Post added [NM]

18-Feb-2013: "'Top-Hole' English" (article / interview) added under Notes & Lists

18-Feb-2013: "Jeeves and the Hard-Boiled Egg" and "The Man With Two Left Feet" from Saturday Evening Post added [NM]

17-Feb-2013: "The Aunt and the Sluggard" from Saturday Evening Post added [NM]

16-Feb-2013: "Leave It to Jeeves" from Saturday Evening Post added [NM]

15-Feb-2013: "Extricating Young Gussie" from Saturday Evening Post added [NM]

09-Feb-2013: "At Geisenheimer's" and "Jeeves and the Unbidden Guest" from Saturday Evening Post added [NM]

03-Feb-2013: Three previously missing items added, from Books of Today and Tomorrow. Thanks to Arthur Robinson!
    1904-10 — How to Live on Nothing a Day
    1905-10 — Songs of the Moment (poem)
    1906-11 — Ubique (poem)

30-Jan-2013: Rival of Monte Carlo — article from Evening Standard added, under All Other Publications.

29-Jan-2013: New section for Illustrated Sunday Magazine created; "The Test Case" moved there, and "Keeping It from Harold" added. Thanks to Neil Midkiff for this.

25-Jan-2013: "ABE — A Lovingly Drawn Portrait of a New York Literary Agent" from the New York Tribune, under "Other Publications"

12-Jan-2013: "The Season's Cricket" from Public School Magazine (September 1901) added

10-Jan-2013: "The Test Case" from Illustrated Sunday Magazine added, under "Other Publications"

31-Dec-2012: My Ideal Christmas (paragraph) under The Captain, Dec 1903

08-Nov-2012: Added partial annotations for The Girl in Blue

22-Oct-2012: Under Punch (Miscellaneous):
    Serious Charges Against a Child — Punch (UK), April 1, 1903

05-Oct-2012: Added "Bill the Bloodhound" from Century under All Other Publications.
We have also added the remaining pre-1923 items from the Strand.

21-Sep-2012: Added "An Ultimatum" (verse) and "Crowned Heads" from Pearson's UK, "Lines and Business" and "Concealed Art" from Pictorial Review (US)

15-Sep-2012: Added annotations for Laughing Gas, Ice in the Bedroom

13-Sep-2012: Added the following items:
Under "All Other Publications" and "London Opinion":
    At the Play: The Edge of the Storm — London Opinion (UK), June 11, 1904
    At the Play: Sergeant Brue — London Opinion (UK), June 25, 1904
    How to Save the Theatre — The Humorist (UK), November 4, 1922
Under Punch (Miscellaneous):
    The Parting Guest — Punch (UK), April 15, 1903

12-Sep-2012: Added 5 items under "All Other Publications" and "Scraps" menus:
    When Papa Swore in Hindustani — Answers (UK), August 24, 1901
    Single Day Marriages — Tit-Bits (UK), March 8, 1902
    The Cynic (verse) — Scraps – Literary and Pictorial, December 5, 1902
    The Worm that Turned — Scraps – Literary and Pictorial, January 1, 1903
    The Kind Hearted Editor — The Throne and Country (UK), December 5, 1908

11-Sep-2012: Added 7 articles from Sandow's Magazine of Physical Culture

30-Jul-2012: Remaining parts of "A Man of Means" from Pictorial Review added

29-Jul-2012: Annotations section added, with contributions from members of the Yahoo! Blandings Group (under Notes & Lists)

16-Jul-2012: "Jeeves Takes Charge" (SEP) and "The Great Sermon Handicap" (Strand) added

14-Jul-2012: Two more stories from Cosmopolitan added

11-Jul-2012: New menu for Cosmopolitan added, with two stories. Also "The Purity of the Turf" from the Strand.

08-Jul-2012: "The Delayed Exit of Claude and Eustace", "Scoring Off Jeeves", "Jeeves in the Springtime" and "The Metropolitan Touch" from the Strand added

06-Jul-2012: Pictorial Review magazine added, with 4 stories

02-Jul-2012: "Fatal Kink in Algernon" moved to the "Others" section, since it is NOT from Woman's Home Companion, but Ladies' Home Journal (thanks Neil Midkiff, for spotting the error)

30-Jun-2012: "Bertie Changes His Mind", "Bingo and the Little Woman" from the Strand added

11-Feb-2012: "The Pugilist in Fiction" from Sandow Magazine added under Other Items

07-Feb-2012: Four more stories from the Strand: 'Salvation of George Mackintosh', 'The Long Hole', 'Unexpected Clicking of Cuthbert' and 'The Heel of Achilles'

05-Feb-2012: Alternate menus added (experimental)

03-Feb-2012: Four more stories from the Strand: 'Sundered Hearts', 'A Mixed Threesome', 'The Rough Stuff' and 'The Coming of Gowf'

28-Jan-2012: From the Strand: Indiscretions of Archie, all eleven episodes

20-Jan-2012: Four more stories from the Strand: 'Jeeves and the Hard-Boiled Egg', 'Jeeves and the Chump Cyril', 'A Woman is only a Woman' and 'A Kink in his Character'

27-Nov-2011: "On lyric writing" and "Personal Details" added, under "Others"

21-Nov-2011: Four more stories from the Strand: 'Extricating Young Gussie', 'The Man with Two Left Feet', 'Leave It to Jeeves' and 'The Aunt and the Sluggard'

13-Nov-2011: "Men Who Missed Their Own Weddings" (Australian reprint) added, under "Others"

20-Sep-2011: Woman's Home Companion menu added, with "Three Men and a Maid" and "Fatal Kink in Algernon"

28-Aug-2011: Added "Aldershot 1911" and 1913 from The Captain

17-Aug-2011: Collier's Weekly section added, with 11 stories (Agravaine moved from Others)

15-Aug-2011: "It was the stout progressive on the tram" added (Daily Express).

13-Aug-2011: Terry Mordue's annotations added to the Fiscal Pantomime (Daily Express).

27-Jul-2011: Terry Mordue's annotations added to the Parrot poems (Daily Express).

05-Jul-2011: Added a collection of odds and ends to Punch (see "Miscellaneous items" at the end of the Punch menu)

30-Jun-2011: Added 7 items from The Alleynian

28-Jun-2011: Added 4 items from Public School Magazine:
    'Acton's Feud', 'Concerning Tonbridge', 'Malvern College' and 'Muddied Oafs'

22-Jun-2011: Added 11 items from The World (UK)

19-Jun-2011: Added "The Dramatic Fixer" from The Passing Show, 1916

18-Jun-2011: Added three items from the Onlooker

17-Jun-2011: Added four items from the Daily Mail

17-Jun-2011: Grand Magazine items moved to their own folder, from "Others"

16-Jun-2011: "The Language of Flowers", To-day, UK (October 24 1901) added under "Others"
16-Jun-2011: Three items from Saint James's Gazette (1902–1903) added

10-Jun-2011: "Mr. Halkett's Romance" from The Free Lance, UK (September 1902) added under "Others"

10-Jun-2011: "The Outcast" from Pearson's, UK (April 1910) added

08-Jun-2011: "Ballad of the Beard" from Royal Magazine (November 1905) added

30-May-2011: "Launching a Popular Song" from Pearson's Weekly added under "Others"

26-May-2011: "Tom, Dick and Harry" from Grand Magazine added under "Others"

26-Mar-2011: A Winter's Tale (King Arthur) added to Vanity Fair UK

20-Mar-2011: A new articles and essays section added

03-Mar-2011: "A Fiscal Pantomime" from Daily Express, UK (1903) (with Bertram Fletcher Robinson)

01-Feb-2011: Poems and articles from Daily Express, UK (1903–07)

09-Jan-2011: "Uneasy Money", in 7 parts, from Saturday Evening Post (1915–1916)

28-Dec-2010: 2 poems from Pearson's Xmas Xtra, November 1903

19-Dec-2010: Added "Love Among the Chickens", The Circle, USA (Sept. 1908 — March 1909)

10-Dec-2010: Added "Our Christmas Pantomime", Vanity Fair UK (December 8, 1904)

20-Nov-2010: The complete novel "Something New", in 8 parts, from Saturday Evening Post (1915)

11-Nov-2010: 2 stories from Strand (1915): "Wilton’s Holiday", "The Love-r-ly Silver Cup". Thanks to Parthasarathy Uppili-Srinivasan for the transcription.

02-Nov-2010: The complete novel "Uneasy Money", in 7 parts, from The Strand (1916–1917)

28-Oct-2010: Added "Missed! (verse)", Pearson's UK (August 1908)

26-Oct-2010: Added 4 from the Strand (1915): "The Making of Mac’s", "Bill the Bloodhound", "The Romance of an Ugly Policeman".

14-Oct-2010: Added "Jeeves and the Unbidden Guest", Strand (March 1917)

26-Sep-2010: 2 stories from Strand (1911): 3 from Dunsterville, Pots o’ money

10-Aug-2010: 6 stories from Strand: Ruth in Exile, Something to Worry About, The Best Sauce, The Goalkeeper and the Plutocrat, The Tuppenny Millionaire, and The Man Who Disliked Cats

04-Aug-2010: 4 stories from Strand (1910): Good Angel, Deep Waters, Man Upstairs and Rough Hew Them

07-Jul-2010: Women, Wine and Song, from The Globe By The Way Book.

05-Jul-2010: Theatrical Invaders (article) from the Daily Chronicle.

23-Jun-2010: 4 poems and one other item from Evening News.

20-Jun-2010: What do they all do? from Van Norden.

19-Jun-2010: Added complete scores from Have a Heart.

18-Jun-2010: Added complete scores from Oh, Lady! Lady!!.

16-Jun-2010: Added scores of all nine songs from Oh, Boy!.

10-Jun-2010: Added new section for The London Echo, with all four stories from that publication.

31-May-2010: Added Jackson Junior and The Lost Lambs, from The Captain.

25-May-2010: Added new section for McClure's Magazine, with all nine stories from that publication.

22-May-2010: Added the magazine abridged version of The Pothunters under Public School Magazine.

11-May-2010: Complete site makeover

05-Mar-2010: "The Mixer, I & II" from Strand Magazine

08-Jan-2010: "The Education of Detective Oakes" from Pearson's UK

31-Dec-2009: Articles & Stories from Public School Magazine UK

17-Dec-2009: Final Article from Vanity Fair UK: Baseball

22-Nov-2009: Articles & Stories from Pall Mall UK

20-Nov-2009: Articles and poems from Vanity Fair UK

06-Nov-2009: Complete Reggie Pepper! (Under Serials; more recently moved to individual magazine menus)