Errata in McIlvaine, section D

This is a list of errors (mostly minor) that I (and others) have noticed in section D (Periodicals) of Eileen McIlvaine’s P. G. Wodehouse:  A Comprehensive Bibliography and Checklist (James H. Heineman, 1990) and that, as far as I can see, weren’t mentioned in the Addendum to McIlvaine (International Wodehouse Association, 2001).  (A few major errata mentioned in the Addendum have been noted here as well.)   I welcome additions (and, of course, corrections) to my errata.  Please e-mail me at

I have a separate page of stories, serials, and articles by Wodehouse that aren’t listed in McIlvaine or the Addendum to McIlvaine, though nearly all of them are reprints.  I welcome additions and corrections to this list, as well.


I.   Errors in McIlvaine (and the Addendum)

Argosy, for Men

D5.1Ukie Invests in Human Nature: Date should simply be March 1948; the magazine was a monthly. (from Neil Midkiff)

D5.2The Hazards of Horace Bewstridge: Date should simply be July 1948; the magazine was a monthly. (from Neil Midkiff)


D15.6March 30, 1912: Disentangling Old Duggie (not April; correction from Neil Midkiff)


D17.17Jeeves the Blighter (not Jeeves and the Blighter) (no comma after ‘Jeeves’ as previously cited here; correction from Neil Midkiff)

D17.31Ukridge Sees Her Through (pp. 105–109, 132, 134; not on pp. 128, 130)

Elks Magazine

D19Magazine title does not have the apostrophe shown in McIlvaine. (from Neil Midkiff)


DC1 Serial of The Little Warrior began May 1, 1920 and continued on the first and fifteenth of each month through November 15, 1920. So DC1.1 in the Addendum should be DC1.7, and so on through DC1.14. (from Neil Midkiff)

New York Times Magazine

D44.1 (actually from New York Times Book Review, not New York Times Magazine)

New Yorker

D45.1 Not by Wodehouse. Signed only P. G. W.; credited to Philip Gordon Wylie in the index to the DVD-R collection The Complete New Yorker. Wylie (1902–1971) was a staff member at the New Yorker in the late 1920s and signed many short pieces and poems with his initials. James Thurber, in The Years With Ross (1959), mentions an incident when a Wylie poem was reprinted in a newspaper and erroneously credited to Wodehouse based on the initials. This is the only mention of Wodehouse in Thurber’s book about the New Yorker. It is inconceivable that the magazine would print pieces by both authors using the same set of initials. See next item. (from Neil Midkiff)

D45.2 “Little Pitchers” is signed P. G. W. and credited to Wodehouse in the DVD-R collection mentioned above, but it seems extremely likely that this is an error of the same kind, for the reasons mentioned. Neither John Dawson nor I can find any trace of Wodehousean style in this poem, which is almost certain to be by Philip Gordon Wylie. (from Neil Midkiff)

Pearson’s (US)

D48.1 Kid Brady—Light-Weight (pp. 235–241, not 235–245; not Lightweight)

Red Book

McIlvaine states that the title was changed to Redbook in May 1943, but according to Wikipedia the name changed in 1929. This is confirmed by cover images at the FictionMags Index, showing Red Book for October 1929 and Redbook for December 1929. (from Neil Midkiff)

D53.1A Black Cat for Luck,” July 1915 [not “Black for Luck”] (from Neil Midkiff)

D53.5The Plus Fours,” January 1923 [not just “Plus Fours”] (from Neil Midkiff)

D53.6Rollo Podmarsh Comes To,” March 1923 [not “The Awakening of Rollo Podmarsh”] (from Gus Caywood)

D53.7The Heart of a Goof,” September 1923 [not just “Heart of a Goof”] (from Neil Midkiff)

The Saint Detective Magazine

D57.1September 1954: Mr. Mulliner, Private Detective. [Note comma in title.] v.2, no.3, pp.93–107. ©1932; “Originally published in Strand Magazine (London) as “The Smile That Wins.”

The Saturday Evening Post

D59.74The Purification of Rodney Spelvin,” August 22, 1925 [not just “Purification of...”] (from Neil Midkiff)


D61.2 Jeeves and the Yuletide Spirit:  page numbers 11–12 and 36–37

Vanity Fair (US)

D67.6  “Thoughts on Home Life” [not “of”; from Neil Midkiff]

D67.8  “Entertaining for the Young” — The Etiquette by P. G. Wodehouse [not “Advice”]

D67.11  “Bad Times for Theatregoers” [omit “the”; from Neil Midkiff]

D67.17“A Visit to the R. W. Chambers Fiction Plant” [not “Mr.”; from Neil Midkiff] (p. 46, not pp. 4–6)

D67.19  “In Defense of Astigmatism” [not “Defence”; from Neil Midkiff]

D67.20“The New Disease—Dementia Warstocks” [not “Diseased-Dementia”; from Neil Midkiff] (pp. 56 and 110)

D67.30Three New Musical Comedies...” (not “The New...”; from Neil Midkiff)

D67.54“The Nation’s Songs” (p. 41 only; McIlvaine says pp. 41, 53)

D67.58“Drawbacks of the Drama in England” (not “Drawbacks of Drama in England”)

D67.60“The Most Disgraceful Thing I Ever Did”: McIlvaine says that Wodehouse may have been a contributor. Twenty authors were solicited for their input; only ten responded. The January 1924 (pp. 30, 102) follow-up article on this topic makes it clear that Wodehouse did not participate in the competition, so this item can be deleted from the list of his contributions. (from Neil Midkiff)

Woman’s Home Companion

D70.1 “Fatal Kink in Algernon,” Jan. 1916, did not appear in this magazine.  The Addendum to McIlvaine (D35.0) indicates this story appeared in Ladies’ Home Journal, Jan. 1916, as “The Fatal Kink in Algernon” but the Addendum did not note D70.1 to be deleted. (information from Neil Midkiff)


D73.1When Papa Swore in Hindustani” (not “How”; from Neil Midkiff)

The Books of To-day and the Books of To-morrow

D76.5 Bald Facts” (not “Bold Facts”)

D76.30“Eminent Artistes” (not Artists)


D77.8 “The Manœuvres of Charteris” (in 2 parts; Aug. 1903 pp. 446–455, Sep. 1903 pp. 515–524; McIlvaine gives only Sep. 1903 as the date)

D77.8a (Addendum)“Boxing v. Wrestling” appeared in September 1904, not 1903 as cited in Addendum; it should be numbered D77.15a to be in proper sequence, and the parenthesized note in the Addendum becomes irrelevant. (from Nick Townend)

D77.13 “The Gold Bat” (pp. 456–467, not 456–57)

D77.23 “Shields and the Cricket Cup” (possessive apostrophe missing in McIlvaine; from Neil Midkiff)

D77.58 “Psmith, Journalist” (pp. 441–455, not 441–45)

Daily Chronicle

D81.1 “Spare the Rod,” Sep. 8, 1902, p. 5 (not “Spare the Rot”)

(following D81.1)“Autumn,” Sep. 10, 1902, p. 5

D81.4 Title as printed is “An Optimist,” Dec. 1, 1902, p. 5. McIlvaine cites it as “The Optimist” which is the title Wodehouse entered in Money Received for Literary Work.

D81.14“To a Constable,” Saturday March 14, 1903, p. 5 (not March 4)

D81.15“The Antidote,” March 18, 1903 (not March 19)

D81.16Title is “His Subject,” as printed in the Daily Chronicle; McIlvaine cites it as “His Pet Subject,” as Wodehouse recorded it in his “Money Received for Literary Work” notebook. (confirmed by John Dawson)

D81.34“The Criminal,” Feb. 4, 1904, p. 5 (not Feb. 3)

D81.40“Plain Dealing,” March 18, 1904, p. 4 (not “Plain Dating”)

D81.45The May 14, 1904 item is headed “Theatrical Invaders” and is a review of The Prince of Pilsen (not ‘Pitson’) (from Neil Midkiff)

Daily Express

D82.26“The Stout Progressive on the Tram,” 8 Feb 1907 (McIlvaine lists as “The Professor on the Train,” Feb. 1907; Terry Mordue found this)


D90.1Both items should be dated August 16, 1901 (McIlvaine lists as August 11)

D90.11 & 12These items are unsigned in the Globe. Money Received for Literary Work has “(D. Guthrie)” next to “Obsolete Card Games” and “The Cult of the Patch” for an unknown reason; no such person has been identified, but it is possible that Wodehouse collaborated and shared payment with a person of that name on these items. (from Neil Midkiff)

Grand Magazine

— The listings in McIlvaine and the Addendum are each incomplete, so it is worth presenting a new listing for this magazine with all the information we have at present.

D91.1June 1905Tom, Dick—and Harry. v.I, no.5, pp.712–18 [McIlvaine erroneously had July 1905]

D91.2February 1910The Man, the Maid, and the Miasma. v.XI, no.61, pp.69–76

D91.2aNovember 1910Ahead of Schedule, pp. 323–331 [Probably v.XII, no.69]

D91.2bApril 1920The Colour Line, pp. 123–132 [Probably v.XXXVII, no. 182]

D91.3September 1920Jill the Reckless, pt.1, chs.I–VI. v.XXXVIII, no.187, pp.1–18

D91.4October 1920Jill the Reckless, pt.2, chs.VII–XII. v.XXXVIII, no.188, pp.152–167

D91.5November 1920Jill the Reckless, pt.3, chs.XIII–XVI. v.XXXVIII, no.189, pp.306–318

D91.6December 1920Jill the Reckless, pt.4, chs.XVII–XX. v.XXXVIII, no.190, pp.411–420

D91.7January 1921Jill the Reckless, pt.5, chs.XX–XXIV. v.XXXVIII, no.191, pp.514–527

D91.7aFebruary 1921Jill the Reckless, pt.6, chs.XXV–XXVIII. v.XXXVIII, no.192, pp.624–635

D91.7bMarch 1921Jill the Reckless, pt.7, chs.XXIX–XXXIII. v.XXXIX, no.193, pp.96–107

D91.7cApril 1921Jill the Reckless, pt.8, chs.XXXIV–XXXVIII. v.XXXIX, no.194, pp.209–218

D91.7dMay 1921Jill the Reckless, pt.9, chs.XXXIX–XLIII. v.XXXIX, no.195, pp.312–321

D91.7eJune 1921Jill the Reckless, pt.10 of 10, chs.XLIV–XLVIII. v.XXXIX, no.196, pp.415–422

D91.7fApril 1922The Adventures of Sally, pt.1, chs.I–III. v.XLI, pp.103–119

D91.7gMay 1922The Adventures of Sally, pt.2, chs.III(cont)–VI. v.XLI, pp.258–269

D91.7hJune 1922The Adventures of Sally, pt.3, chs.VII–X. v.XLI, pp.379–392

D91.7iJuly 1922The Adventures of Sally, pt.4, chs.X(cont)–XIII. v.XLI, pp.518–525

D91.7jAugust 1922The Adventures of Sally, pt.5, chs.XIII(cont)–XIV. v.XLI, pp.624–623

D91.7kSeptember 1922The Adventures of Sally, pt.6, chs.XIV(cont)–XVII. v.XLII, pp.97–105

D91.7lOctober 1922The Adventures of Sally, pt.7 of 7, chs.XVII(cont)–XX. v.XLII, pp.217–227

D91.7mJune 1923Leave It to Psmith, pt.1, chs.I–V. v.XLIII, pp.371–98

D91.8July 1923Leave It to Psmith, pt.2, chs.V(cont)–VI. v.XLIII, pp.495–509

D91.9August 1923Leave It to Psmith, pt.3, chs.VI(cont)–VII. v.XLIII, pp.648–60

D91.10September 1923Leave It to Psmith, pt.4, chs.VII(cont)–X. v.XLIV, pp.60–76

D91.11October 1923Leave It to Psmith, pt.5, chs.X(cont)–XII. v.XLIV, pp.233–49

D91.12November 1923Leave It to Psmith, pt.6, chs.XII(cont)–XIV. v.XLIV, pp.363–74

D91.12aDecember 1923Leave It to Psmith, pt.7 of 7, chs.XIV(cont)–XV. v.XLIV, pp.486–95

D91.12bSeptember 1924Bill the Conqueror, pt.1, chs.I–IV. v.XLVI, pp.1–24

D91.12cOctober 1924Bill the Conqueror, pt.2, chs.V–VII. v.XLVI, pp.119–134

D91.12dNovember 1924Bill the Conqueror, pt.3, chs.VIII–IX. v.XLVI, pp.315–329

D91.12eDecember 1924Bill the Conqueror, pt.4, chs.IX(cont)–XII. v.XLVI, pp.471–485

D91.12fJanuary 1925Bill the Conqueror, pt.5, chs.XIII–XV. v.XLVI, pp.592–605

D91.12gFebruary 1925Bill the Conqueror, pt.6, chs.XV(cont)–XVIII. v.XLVI, pp.712–726

D91.12hMarch 1925Bill the Conqueror, pt.7, chs.XVIII(cont)–XXII. v.XLVII, pp.109–120

D91.12iApril 1925Bill the Conqueror, pt.8 of 8, chs.XXIII–XXV. v.XLVII, pp.232–240

D91.13April 1934Right Ho, Jeeves. v.LXV, pp.99–120

D91.14May 1934Right Ho, Jeeves. v.LXV, pp.195–212

D91.15June 1934Right Ho, Jeeves. v.LXV, pp.332–54

D91.16July 1934Right Ho, Jeeves. v.LXV, pp.444–65

D91.17August 1934Right Ho, Jeeves. v.LXV, pp.544–61

D91.18September 1934Right Ho, Jeeves. v.LXVI, pp.60–73

The Greyfriars Holiday Annual

D92.0 (Addendum)1924: “Scott’s Sister,” il. Saville Lumley, vol. V, pp. 17–23. (from Neil Midkiff)

D92.1a (Addendum)1926: “How Pillingshot Scored!” [note the ! in the title] il. Saville Lumley, vol. VII, pp. 26–30. (from Ananth Kaitharam and Neil Midkiff)


D94.1Nothing by PGW in the February 27 issue, for which “[unidentified]” is noted in McIlvaine, but Ananth Kaitharam found “Living Among Ghosts” in the June 24, 1908 issue, p. 9.

Illustrated Sunday Magazine

D97.1–97.3As noted in Addendum to McIlvaine, these are an erroneous duplication in the British part of Section D; this is an American newspaper supplement correctly shown at D34.

Little Folks

D104.3[two limericks]   (I checked the September 1903 issue in the British Library, but I found no limericks in this issue, nor any poems by Wodehouse or a recognisable pseudonym)

London Calling

D105.2“Money for Nothing,” March 10, 1928, pp. 27–33 (not March 7)

D105.3“Money for Nothing,” March 17, 1928, pp. 27–33 (not March 14)

London Opinion

— A fresh, complete listing for this magazine incorporating all we know at present:

D108.1“At the Play:  The Edge of the Storm.” June 11, 1904, p. 363.

D108.2At the Play: June 18, 1904 (not 1911).  No item by Wodehouse has been identified in this issue. Perhaps the piece was paid for, but withdrawn before going to press.

D108.3At the Play: (no play title specified) entered in PGW’s “Money Received for Literary Work” for June 23, 1904 (not 1911), but London Opinion was a weekly, published on Saturdays, so no doubt this was a slip of the pen for June 25. That would make Addendum D108.4 a correction of D108.3, not a new item.

D108.4 (Addendum)“At the Play:  Sergeant Brue.”  June 25, 1904, p. 427

D108.5 (Addendum)“Virtues and Vices of Artists,” Oct, 14, 1916, pp. 52–53

Pall Mall Magazine

D115.4“The Physical Culture Peril.”  Vol. 53 no. 253, May 1914 (according to my notes; McIlvaine has no. 254, June 1914)

Pearson’s Magazine (London)

D118.3 February 1905, “The Autograph Hunter” (not “Hunters”) (from Neil Midkiff)

D118.16 Oct. 1906, “Launching a Popular Song” is wrongly listed under the monthly Pearson’s magazine. Article appeared in Pearson’s Weekly, October 25, 1906, p. 272.

Pearson’s Xmas Xtra

D119.1 Nov. 1903, “The Perplexed Poet” (not “The Perplexed Port”)

Public School Magazine

D123.1 “Some Aspects of Game-Captaincy” (hyphen omitted in McIlvaine) (from Neil Midkiff)

D123.20 “The Pothunters” pp. 208–223 (not pp. 208–233)


D124.2“A Fable” is on p. 235; “Under M.V.C. Rules” is on p. 243. (from Neil Midkiff)

D124.13 (2nd item)“A Long-felt Want” (not “Longfelt”). (from Neil Midkiff)

D124.45“Balm for the Broken-hearted” (hyphenated in all caps at head of article; capitalized thus in Index to Vol. 126; not “Broken Hearted” as in McIlvaine). (from Neil Midkiff)

D124.60“The Milk of Kindness Supply” is one article of five paragraphs, including three fictitious news items, not ‘two paragraphs’ as in McIlvaine. Wodehouse’s “Money Received” entry mentions the title of the whole article, saying nothing about paragraphs. (from Neil Midkiff)

D124.62 and 63As mentioned recently on the Blandings listserv, these poems are not by Wodehouse, according to the Punch index, which says “Fashion’s Phases” (not ‘Phrases’) is by C. A. Woodhouse and “The Daring Damsel” is by Laurence Wood. Both are names of real poets who published volumes of verse. Neither poem is entered in Wodehouse’s “Money Received for Literary Work.”

D124.68 (2nd item)Our Military Critic Speaks”, not ‘One…’ as in McIlvaine. (from Neil Midkiff)

D124.69“The Soap King’s Daughter”, not hyphenated “Soap-King’s” as in McIlvaine. (from Neil Midkiff)

D124.70“The Book-Hawkers” (hyphen missing in McIlvaine) (from Neil Midkiff)

D124.73“Barrack-room Ballads.” (mistaken exclamation mark in McIlvaine; the upper right corner of the metal type containing the full stop has shifted into printing position, making a triangular mark) (from Neil Midkiff)

D124.198 “Last Round-Up” apparently by B. A. Young, not Wodehouse

D124.230 “Our Man in America,” Feb. 27, 1963 (not Feb. 23)

Sandow’s Magazine of Physical Culture (UK)

D128.7As speculated in the Addendum, this is verified as a reprint of D128.4 “The Pugilist in Fiction” in the US version of Sandow’s Magazine, and should be coded DA20.1.

St. James’s Gazette

D127.3“Football in France,” March 29, 1903, pp. 5–6 (McIlvaine has “Rugby Football in France,” following Wodehouse’s entry in Money Received for Literary Work.)


D131.1“International Public School Match.”  Feb. 26, 1903, p. 4.  (Article on Dulwich match in Paris.  McIlvaine misread Wodehouse’s account book as indicating two articles on this date, “Internat Public School” and “Footer in Paris,”; Wodehouse bracketed the two lines together with curly braces left and right, so I believe that this is the only article.)

Strand Magazine

D133.3 “Petticoat Influence” appeared in February 1906; McIlvaine probably saw the USA edition, printed one month later from the same plates as the UK edition. (from Neil Midkiff)

D133.72 title includes quotation marks around “Mother’s Knee”, as it is the title of a song within the story (from Neil Midkiff)

D133.74 “Strange Experiences of an Artist’s Model” (not “Experience”) (from Neil Midkiff)

D133.90 title should be “Bertie Changes His Mind” (not “Bertie Gets His Chance”)

D133.129 title should have a capital U: “Mulliner’s Buck-U-Uppo” (from Neil Midkiff)

D133.139 As noted in the Addendum, this is an erroneous duplication of D133.96


D137.1“Men Who Have Missed Their Own Weddings” (McIlvaine has “Men Who Have Missed Their Weddings”)

Vanity Fair (UK)

D140.7 “One in a Thousand” (not “One and a Thousand”) (from Neil Midkiff)

D140.12 ‘ “From Our Own Correspondent.” ’ (the double quotes and full stop are part of the title as printed) (not “From Our Special Correspondent”)

D140.31 “How to be a Journalist Though Jugged” (capitalization and punctuation in McIlvaine is wrong) (from Neil Midkiff)

D140.38, 2nd item McIlvaine omits title of story: “I.—The Two Sceptics” (from Neil Midkiff)

D140.45 “The Passive Prowlers’ F.C.” (not “Providers’ ”) (from Neil Midkiff)

D140.47 “The Glorious Uncertainty of Cricket (Criticism)” [i.e., the parenthesized word is part of the title, and the article is about inconsistency in sporting journalism; McIlvaine puts it in lowercase in square brackets as if it were an editorial categorization] (from Neil Midkiff)

D140.51 “From Pole to Poll” (not “to Pole”) (from Neil Midkiff)

D140.54 The subject is Judge Deuel (not “Druel”) (from Neil Midkiff)

Windsor Magazine

D142.5“The Guardian”, September 1908 (not October) (from Neil Midkiff)

Yorkshire Weekly Post Illustrated

DB20.1 (Addendum)Doctor Sally did not appear in the 1931 Yorkshire Weekly Post Illustrated; the date should probably be 1932, for which the listed dates fall on Saturdays, on which the weekly paper was published.


D143.6“The Thought Reader” (poem), Dec. 25, 1906, p. 1292 (not Dec. 6)

D143.7“The Sportsmen,” Dec. 11, 1906, pp. 1173–4 (not “The Sportsman”)

D143.9“The Unemployed,” Feb. 12, 1907

Saturday Night (Toronto)

DC2.1 (Addendum)“A Fondness for Earls Plain and Fancy,” June 19, 1954, p. 7 (not June 18) (from Ian Michaud)


McIlvaine Section H: Works about Wodehouse


H145“Wodehouse at Ninety,” Observer, 10 Oct. 1971:  p. 12 (not p. 21)


See also corrections in Addendum to McIlvaine (e.g., D15.6, D80.11a, D124.98)


The Addendum to McIlvaine (DA6.1) lists “Mostly about Haggis” as appearing in Cavalcade, Aug. 1937; the correct magazine title is American Cavalcade 1.4 (Aug. 1937) 10–11.



II.   McIlvaine entries with incomplete dates or missing page numbers


D1.1a January 1912: The Prince and Betty. v. XXVIII, no. 6, pp. 1–48.

D1.1b August 1912: Ruth in Exile. v. XXX, no. 1, pp. 72–80.

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine

DA1.4 May 1993: Jeeves Takes Charge. v. 38, no. 5, pp. 128–149.

The Household Magazine

D33.1 Mostly Sally (abridged), il. W. B. King, pp. 5–6, 11, 20–21, 31. (from Neil Midkiff)

D33.2 Mostly Sally (abridged), il. W. B. King, pp. 6–8, 13, 22–23, 29. (from Tony Ring)

D33.5 Mostly Sally (abridged), il. W. B. King, pp. 7–8, 27, 31, 33, 40–41, 44–46, 48. (from Neil Midkiff)

D33.6 Mostly Sally (abridged), il. W. B. King, pp. 6, 25–27, 29. (from Neil Midkiff)

Illustrated Sunday Magazine

D34.1 “The Test Case,” pp. 3–4, 14–15 (in The Milwaukee Sentinel, Dec. 12, 1915; found by Ananth Kaitharam, page numbers from Neil Midkiff)

Saturday Evening Mail

DA19.1 (Addendum) The Prince and Betty: serialized in 16 parts appearing weekly from September 14 to December 28, 1912.

Daily Chronicle

D81.1–37 Usually appearing on p. 5 (except p. 7 for D81.19, 22–25, 33)

D81.38–57 Usually appearing on p. 4 (except p. 3 for D81.45)

Daily Mail

D83.4 “On Fast Bowling” — May 17, 1907, p. 6

D83.5 “Thoughts on the Income Tax,” April 2, 1929, p. 19

D83.4a (Addendum)“How to Write a Revue,” Dec. 19, 1913, p. 3 (?? my handwritten note is illegible!)

D83.5a (Addendum)“A Day with the Swattesmore,” May 20, 1929, p. 8

D83.5b (Addendum)“On Amusement Parks,” Sep. 2, 1929, p. 8


D90.22February 1, 1905: Walker, London. (from Neil Midkiff)

Is My Face Red?

DA14 (Addendum)“Aunt Agatha Speaks Her Mind,” 1945 [more specific date not available], pp. 20–32.

Land and Water Illustrated

D101.1“The Cricketer in Winter,” November 26, 1904, p. 834

London Echo

D106.1“In Lighter Vein — The Explanation,” Oct. 10, 1902, p. 1

The New: A Magazine of Humour and Romance

DB11.1The Small Bachelor – I, December 1926, pp. 298–324

DB11.2The Small Bachelor – II, January 1927, pp. 505–520

DB11.3The Small Bachelor – III, February 1927, pp. 652–669

DB11.4The Small Bachelor – IV, March 1927, pp. 819–835

DB11.5The Small Bachelor – V, April 1927, pp. 59–72

DB11.6The Small Bachelor – VI, May 1927, pp. 27–38

DB11.7The Small Bachelor – VII, June 1927, pp. 57–76

DB11.8The Small Bachelor – VIII, July 1927, pp. 73–80

Novel Magazine

D112.2“The Sailor,” (poem) April 1906, p. 14

Onlooker (see notes below)

D114.1“Motor Movements,” Oct. 11, 1902, pp. 727–728

below D114.1“The Wisdom of Folly” (“Stage and Stalls” column) Oct. 18, 1902, pp. 18–19

below D114.1“Business Begins,” Oct. 25, 1902, pp. 43–44

below D114.2“Stage and Stalls” Nov. 1, 1902, pp. 75–76

D114.3“Crime by Proxy,” Sep. 19, 1903, pp. 597–598 (“By P. G. Wodehouse”; other contributions to Onlooker unsigned)

Passing Show

D117.0 (Addendum) “The Dramatic Fixer,” Aug. 26, 1916, pp. 8–9

D117.1The Luck of the Bodkins – I, il. Illingworth, vol. 4, no. 183, Sep. 21, 1935, pp. 9–11, 40, 42, 44

D117.2The Luck of the Bodkins – II, Sep. 28, 1935, pp.16–18, 36–37

D117.3The Luck of the Bodkins – III, Oct. 5, 1935, pp. 26–28, 30, 32

D117.4The Luck of the Bodkins – IV, Oct. 12, 1935, pp. 24–26, 28

D117.5The Luck of the Bodkins – V, Oct. 19, 1935, pp. 30–34, 36

D117.6The Luck of the Bodkins – VI, Oct. 26, 1935, pp. 26, 28, 30, 32

D117.7The Luck of the Bodkins – VII, Nov. 2, 1935, pp. 30–32, 34

D117.8The Luck of the Bodkins – VIII, Nov. 9, 1935, pp. 32–36

D117.9The Luck of the Bodkins – IX, Nov. 16, 1935, pp. 28–32, 34

D117.10The Luck of the Bodkins – X, Nov. 23, 1935, pp. 24–26, 28, 30


D118.24a (Addendum) “The Outcast” (poem), April 1910, pp. 370–371

D118.26cLaughing Gas – 1, vol. 80 no. 476, Aug. 1935, pp. 108–119

D118.26dLaughing Gas – 2, vol. 80 no. 477, Sep. 1935, pp. 214–225

D118.26eLaughing Gas – 3, vol. 80 no. 478, Oct. 1935, pp. 318–329

Public School Magazine

D123.4a (Addendum)“Concerning Tonbridge,” Nov. 1900, pp. 345–346

D123.14a (Addendum)“The Season’s Cricket,” Sept. 1901, pp. 246–248

D123.15a (Addendum)“Author!” Oct. 1901, p. 298–302

D123.18a (Addendum)“On the Shelf:  Acton’s Feud,” Jan. 1902, p. 77

D123.20a (Addendum)“Muddied Oafs,” March 1902, pp. 231–232

St. James’s Gazette

D127.1“Some Reasons and a Sequel,” Aug. 8, 1902, p. 6

D127.2“Rural Hooligans,” Oct. 2, 1902, p. 5

Sunny Magazine

DB14.1Sam the Sudden – I, July 1925, pp. 34–52

DB14.2Sam the Sudden – II, Aug. 1925, pp. 134–149

DB14.3Sam the Sudden – III, Sep. 1925, pp. 222–237

DB14.4Sam the Sudden – IV, Oct. 1925, pp. 318–333

DB14.5Sam the Sudden – V, Nov. 1925, pp. 414–423

DB14.6Sam the Sudden – VI, Dec. 1925, pp. 506–521

DB14.7Sam the Sudden – VII, Jan. 1926, pp. 54–68

DB14.8Sam the Sudden – VIII, Feb. 1926, pp. 120–131

DB14.9Sam the Sudden – IX, Mar. 1926, pp. 245–250


D143.1“The Flowing Tide,” Oct. 2, 1906, p. 672

D143.2“The Intrepid Aeronauts,” Oct, 9, 1906, pp. 701–702

D143.3“Among the Immortals,” Oct. 30, 1906, pp. 841–842

D143.4“An Olympia Nightmare,” Nov. 27, 1906, p. 1080 (verse)

D143.5“The Frozen Face,” Dec. 4, 1906, p. 1126 (verse)

D143.10 “The Blessings of Civilisation,” Feb. 26, 1907, p. 359

D143.11 “The Hustler’s Rest Cure,” March 5, 1907, p. 402

D143.12 “The Collector,” July 16, 1907, p. 140

III.   Additional Notes


McIlvaine lists Wodehouse’s contributions to Onlooker as follows:

D114 Onlooker
(London) (from PGW Account Book)

  D114.1    October 1902: Motor Movements.

                  _______: Wisdom of Folly.

                  _______: Business Begins.

                  _______: Most of the Game.

  D114.2    November 1902: Work to Value.

                  _______: Stage and Stalls.

  D114.3    September 1903: Crime by Proxy.


“Crime by Proxy” is signed by Wodehouse; nothing in 1902 is signed by him.  I found articles titled “Motor Movements” (Oct. 11) and “Business Begins” (Oct. 25).  Ananth Kaitharam, acting on a suggestion by John Dawson, has located “The Wisdom of Folly” as a play review headed “Stage and Stalls” (Oct. 18).  The “Stage and Stalls” column for November 1 included a review of “Captain Kettle” which John Dawson has confirmed is mentioned in Wodehouse’s account book for October 1902.  After that, things get complicated.  “Most of the Game” is a weekly column (dealing with social and political issues), and so is “Stage and Stalls,” which consists of theatre reviews.  I skimmed the “Most of the Game” columns for October but nothing jumped out as sounding like Wodehouse.  I saw no article titled “Work to Value,” despite searching all issues from September through December 1902 other than the missing November 29 issue in the British Newspaper Library bound copy; Neil Midkiff reads the account book entry as “Work to value of £1·15” (only the first word has a capital letter), which sounds like an accounting summary rather than an article title as assumed by McIlvaine.


McIlvaine’s entry looks as if there were two articles on Feb. 26, 1903:

D131   Sportsman
(London) (from PGW Account Book)

  D131.1    February 26, 1903: International Public School.

                  _______: Footer in Paris.


I found one article, “International Public School Match,” about a match in Paris involving Dulwich, in Sportsman for this date (p. 4).  I suspect that this is the only Wodehouse article that appeared in this issue.

Prepared by Arthur Robinson; edited by Neil Midkiff; last updated 3 January 2022

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