Pieces by Wodehouse not in McIlvaine’s Bibliography or the Addendum to McIlvaine

This is a work-in-progress, listing some articles and stories by Wodehouse that aren’t, as far as I can tell, in McIlvaine’s P. G. Wodehouse:  A Comprehensive Bibliography and Checklist (James H. Heineman, 1990) or the International Wodehouse Association’s 2001 Addendum to McIlvaine’s bibliography.  Some of these I came across by chance; others were sent to me by Ian Michaud, Charles Stone-Tolcher, Ananth Kaitharam, John Dawson, Tony Ring, Neil Midkiff, and others; most of the others I found by using indexes and databases (such as ProQuest Historical Newspapers, America’s Historical Newspapers, and Reader’s Guide Retrospective).

Most of these are simply reprints of articles or serialized novels that appeared elsewhere, but a few have apparently not appeared elsewhere in print.  Some of the articles sound familiar to me; I’m not sure whether they are reprints or revised versions of articles that had appeared elsewhere, or possibly they were later revised for inclusion in books like Louder and Funnier or America, I Like You.  

Please e-mail me at awrobins@yahoo.com if you have any additions or corrections, or if you want further information on any of these.


The Age (Melbourne, Australia)

Men Who Missed Their Own Weddings,”  Sat., Jan. 19, 1901. (reprinted from Tit-Bits, Nov. 20, 1900; discovered by Ananth Kaitharam)


The Gem Collector,” vol. 24 no. 5, Dec. 1909, pp. 1–50.

—   This is an early and shorter version of The Intrusion of Jimmy/A Gentleman of Leisure, but has substantial differences from the version published as a novel.  For example, in “The Gem Collector,” Jimmy Pitt is a Baronet (Sir James Pitt) and really is a jewel thief (or was—he has reformed). 

“The Romance of an Ugly Policeman,” vol. 35 no. 3, April 1915, pp. 143–151.

American Golfer

The Eighteenth Hole,” vol. 15 no. 4, Apr. 1916, pp. 404–7 (reprinted from Vanity Fair)

Argosy, for Men (addition to McIlvaine D5)

“Crowned Heads,”  June 1914, pp. 660–669 (cf. McIlvaine D118.26)

Atlanta Constitution

—   These all appear to be reprints; the first two stories appeared on the same day in the Chicago Tribune (McIlvaine D13), and the eight articles originally appeared in Vanity Fair.  In most cases the original publications appear in McIlvaine, but the 1937 film review, apparently reprinted from Screen and Radio Weekly (a publication I can’t trace), is not in McIlvaine.

“The Rough Stuff,”  Oct. 10, 1920.   (Story also appeared in Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Oct. 10, 1920, p. 7; Lexington Herald, Dec. 26, 1920, pp. 11–12)

“The Heel of Achilles,”  June 11, 1922.  (Story also appeared in Lexington Herald, June 11, 1922, pp. 9–10; Oregonian, June 11, 1922, p. 3; Macon Daily Telegraph, June 11–17, 1922)

Their Mutual Child (serial in 8 parts).  November 12–19, 1922.

The Little Nugget (serial in 8 parts).  February 25–March 4, 1923.

“All About New Year’s Day,”  Dec. 29, 1929.

“In Defense of Astigmatism,”  Feb. 9, 1930.

“A Plea for Indoor Golf,”  March 16, 1930.

“Thoughts on Home Life,”  April 27, 1930.

“How to Break Into Society,”  May 18, 1930.

“On Reducing the Embonpoint,”  June 22, 1930.

“The Pleasure of Coney Island,”  July 13, 1930.

“The Alarming Spread of Poetry,”  Sep. 7, 1930.

“My Battle with Drink,”  Nov. 9, 1930.

If I Were You (serial in 34 installments),  Sep. 29–Oct. 1, Oct. 3–8, 10–15, 17–22, 24–29, Oct. 31–Nov. 5, Nov. 7, 1932.  (Apparently part of Installment VIII, Oct. 10, was accidentally omitted.)

“Noted Author Previews ‘The Good Earth,’”  Feb. 14, 1937.  (see above, and see Salt Lake Tribune, Feb. 7, 1937)

Belleville News Democrat

“Keeping It from Harold,”  Belleville (Illinois) News Democrat, April 8, 1916, pp. 7–8 and 14–15.  (reprint of McIlvaine D133.29 in Strand Dec. 1913, and Illustrated Sunday Magazine, below, not in McIlvaine)

Boston Globe

(Listed as DA4 in Addendum to McIlvaine, including two stories: “Those in Peril on the Tee” 8 Sep. 1935, “Lord Emsworth and the Girl Friend” 13 Oct. 1935)

“Archibald Moffam, Hotel Guest,” 13 July 1924, SM3 (Sunday Magazine) [“The Man Who Married an Hotel”]

“Work Wanted,” 20 July 1924, SM5 [“Strange Experience of an Artist’s Model”]

“Archie’s Old Pal, Squiffy,” 27 July 1924, SM5 [“Dear Old Squiffy”]

“Bright Eyes—and a Fly,” 3 Aug. 1924, SM5 [“A Room at the Hermitage”/“A Bit of All Right”]

“Parker and Pongo,” 7 Sep. 1924, SM6 [“Doing Father a Bit of Good”]

“Brother Bill’s Romance,” 14 Sep. 1924, SM6 [“Paving the Way for Mabel”]

“The Sausage Chappie,” 28 Sep. 1924, SM6

“First Aid for Loony Biddle,” 12 Oct. 1924, SM3

“The Growing Boy,” 2 Nov. 1924, SM16 [“Washy Makes His Presence Felt”]

“Mr. Connolly, Music Lover,” 16 Nov. 1924, SM8 [“‘Mother’s Knee’”]

“The Wigmore Venus,” 30 Nov. 1924, SM5

“Lord Emsworth Acts for the Best,” 29 Sep. 1935, p. 10

Boys’ Life

“Homeopathic Treatment,” Boys’ Life 21.4 (Apr. 1931) 21, 52–53

The British Girl’s Annual

“Personally Conducted,” The British Girl’s Annual 1918 (published 1917), p.211ff. Reprint of D79.1, original appearance of story in Cassell’s Magazine for July 1907.

Chicago Tribune

“Wodehouse’s Short and Tentative History of Dancing,”  July 14, 1968, p. 156.

— Parts repeated from articles in Vanity Fair (Oct. 1919), Passing Show, and Rogue, but much of this article is different.

“P. G. Wodehouse:  In Defense of the Weed,”  Sep. 22, 1968, p. F49.


Wodehouse letters to the editor quoted in two columns, “The Editor to His Friends” (Chums no. 236, 17 March 1897) and “The Editor to His Chums,” Chums no. 297 (18 May 1898).  (supplied by Terry Mordue, mentioned by Nick Townend in Wooster Sauce 62, June 2012, p. 20)

D.A.C. News: Official Publication of the Detroit Athletic Club

“Why Do We Laugh?” vol. 45 no.1 (Jan. 1961), pp. 66–68, 70.

Daily Express (London)

“The New Drama” (verse)  Jan. 30, 1913, p. 4.

“Laughing Gas” (serial in 29 parts)  Oct. 17, 1936 to Nov. 19, 1936

Daily Mail

“48 Free Kicks.” Sep. 15, 1913, p. 1B.

“Many Incidents at Bristol: Notts Country Draw.” Sep. 22, 1913, p. 9A.

“Bracing Leicester.” Sep. 29, 1913, p. 9A.

“Dropped Passes: How the Harlequins Blundered.” Oct. 6, 1913, p. 11A.

“The Humbug of Air.” Oct. 8, 1913, p. 8.

“A ‘Proper’ Match: Blackheath Beaten.” Oct. 13, 1913, p. 11A.

“Lack of ‘Ginger.’” Oct. 20, 1913, p. 11A.

“A Blessing in Disguise.” Oct. 27. 1913, p. 11A.

“Game of a Lifetime.” Nov. 3, 1913, p. 9B.

“A Fine Team: Light Blues Find Their Form.” Nov. 17, 1913, p. 3B.

“Old-Fashioned Rugby.” Dec. 1, 1913, p. 10.

“One-Sided Game: Blackheath with Knott Win Easily.” Dec. 8, 1913, p. 12.

“The Fascinating Mr. Lowe.” Dec. 9, 1913, p. 8.

“Surprise for the Harlequins: Old Merchant Taylors Draw.” Dec. 15, 1913, p. 10.

“How to Write a Revue” Dec. 19, 1913.

“’Spurs’ Mistaken Tactics: Sheffield Wednesday’s Creditable Draw.” Dec. 22, 1913, p. 8.

“The Bombardment of Williamson: Why the ’Spurs Did Not Beat Middlesbrough.” Dec. 27, 1913, p. 8.

“Finest Game of the Season: Harlequins Just Beat Blackheath.” Dec. 29, 1913, p. 9.

“One-Sided Rugby: Harlequins’ Easy Win at Richmond.” Jan. 12, 1914, p. 8.

“The Parliamentary Bear-Pit” (letter). May 5, 1927, p. 10.

“P. G. Wodehouse on Thothe Lipth” (letter). Jan. 9, 1929, p. 8.

Dallas Morning News

“The Watch Dog,”  Oct. 26, 1919, p. 6.

Duluth News-Tribune

“The Harmonica Mystery” (serial in 8 parts).  Dec. 12–18 and 26, 1915.

Evening Express and Evening Mail (Cardiff, Wales)

“Petticoat in Footer,” 11 September 1909. This is an abridged version of “Petticoat Influence”, which appeared first in The Strand Magazine, February 1906. The newspaper version of the story can be read here. It was discovered by Harshawardhan Nimkhedkar on September 12, 2015.

Evening News (?)

Details unknown; the Melbourne Argus (28 March 1925) has an item titled “‘Top Hole’ English” that seems to be a reprint, or more likely an abridgement, of an article that appeared in the Evening News (date not given).   This is not the same as “Top Hole” in the 1973 Sunday Times.

The Globe (London)

“Abe (A New York Literary Agent),” September 3, 1910, p. 4 (found by Ananth Kaitharam).

Grand Magazine

“Ahead of Schedule,” Nov. 1910 (according to Neil Midkiff’s story list)

“Bill the Conqueror” (serial, Sep. 1924–Oct. 1925)(according to Neil Midkiff’s novel list)

Hartford Courant

(from Hartford Courant Archives 1764–1984)

“The Golden Flaw” (serialized long story), Apr. 27–30, May 1, 1921 (p. 10 except Apr. 29 page 12)

“The Rough Stuff,” May 15, 1921, X2

“A Job of Work,” Jan. 31 1922 p. 16, Feb. 1 1922 p. 12

The Little Nugget (serial) Dec. 9–15, 1923

Their Mutual Child (serial) Jan. 20–26, 1924

“In the Springtime,” May 31, 1925, p. D3

Big Money (serial), Oct. 19–24, 26–31, Nov. 2–7, 9–14, 16–21, 1931

If I Were You (serial), Sep. 26–30, Oct. 1, 3–8, 10–15, 17–22, 24–29, 1932

Hot Water (serial), Jan. 22–27, 29–31, Feb. 1–3, 5–10, 12–17, 19–24, 26–28, March 1–3, 1934

“Radio and Television,” May 13, 1951, SM16

“Literary Critics Advised to Grow Whiskers, Barbs,” [sic??] April 7, 1954, 18


“In Defence of Astigmatism,”  Aug. 1, 1931, pp. 12–13.  (previously appeared  in Vanity Fair, McIlvaine D67.19)

Illustrated Sunday Magazine (Milwaukee Sentinel)

Keeping It from Harold,” April 26, 1914 (reported by Tony Ring, supplied by Ananth Kaitharam)

Kangaroo Island Courier (Australia)

The Peer Who Worked,  April 19 and April 26, 1913.  (This variant version of "A Job of Work" (Strand / Collier’s) was discovered in 2015. The story, while following the same basic premise as the Strand version, is very different in its development, and almost reads like a different story. It is also significantly shorter.)

Kansas City Star

The Intrusion of Jimmy (serial in Kansas City Star).  Feb. 8–17, 1916.  (Apparently this appeared in the morning and evening editions of this paper; I have seen only the 10 parts that presumably appeared in the evening edition.)

“A Black Cat for Luck,”  Kansas City Star, Nov. 5, 1922, D1–2.  (also in the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel Saturday Magazine, Nov. 11, 1922; Baltimore American, Nov. 11, 1922, pp. 6, 15, 19; and Boston Post Sunday Magazine, May 13, 1925, 10–12)

Los Angeles Times

(found in database, June 2009; did author search; missing some installments of serials)

“Rough Stuff,”  24 Oct. 1920, page X12.

“A Job of Work,”  9 April 1922, VIII4.  originally published in Strand and Collier, 1922)

“The Heel of Achilles,”  13 Aug. 1922, X17.

“A Black Cat for Luck,”  19 Nov. 1922, XI4.

The Little Warrior” (serial, 1923).  June 18–23, 25–30, July 2–7, 9–14, 16–21, 23–28, 30–31, Aug. 1–4, 6–11, 13–18, 20–25, 27–31, Sep. 1, 3–8, 1923 

“Archibald Moffam, Hotel Guest,” March 30, 1924 [“The Man Who Married an Hotel”](this and the next nine are Archie Moffam stories)

“Work Wanted — Archie as an Artist’s Model” May 4, 1924 [“Strange Experience of an Artist’s Model”]

“Archie’s Old Pal Squitty” (sic!) June 15, 1924, p. I5 [“Dear Old Squiffy”]

“Bright Eyes and a Fly,” July 13, 1924, J9. [“A Room at the Hermitage”/“A Bit of All Right”]

“Parker and Pongo,” 10 Aug. 1924, I7. [“Doing Father a Bit of Good”]

“Brother Bill’s Romance,” 5 Oct. 1924, I7. [“Paving the Way for Mabel”]

“The Sausage Chappie,” 9 Nov. 1924, K4.

“First Aid for Loony Biddle,”  11 Jan. 1925, K5.

“The Growing Boy,”  15 Feb. 1925, K9. [“Washy Makes His Presence Felt”]

“Mr. Connolly, Music Lover,”  15 March 1925, L9. [“‘Mother’s Knee’”]

“Archie, Art Connoisseur,”  19 Apr. 1925, K5. [“The Wigmore Venus”]

“The Long Hole,”  8 Nov. 1925, K5.

“In the Springtime,”  14 Feb. 1926, K5.

“Ukridge’s Dog College,”  25 July 1926, K5.  (This and the next nine are Ukridge stories)

“Ukridge’s Accident Syndicate,” 29 Aug. 1926, L5.

“The Debut of Battling Billson,”  12 Sep. 1926, K5.

“First Aid for Dora,”  10 Oct. 1926, K8.

“The Return of Battling Billson,”  7 Nov. 1926, K5.

“Ukridge Sees Her Through,”  5 Dec. 1926, K8.

“No Wedding Bells for Him,”  2 Jan. 1927,K12.

“The Long Army of Loony Coote,”  6 Feb. 1927, L4.

“The Exit of Battling Billson,”  27 Feb. 1927,J5

“Ukridge Rounds a Nasty Corner,”  20 Mar. 1927,K8.

“Bertie Changes His Mind,”  15 Jan. 1928, K12

“The Truth about George,”  1 Jul 1928, K8.

“A Slice of Life,”  29 Jul 1928, K8.

Money for Nothing   2 Jun 1929, I1; 9 Jun 1929, G4.

“All About New Year’s Day,”  29 Dec. 1929, G10.

“In Defense of Astigmatism,”  23 Mar. 1930, J25.

“How to Break into Society,” 25  May 1930, J11.

 “The Pleasures of Coney Island,”  20  Jul 1930, K17.

“The Alarming Spread of Poetry,”  31  Aug. 1930, M16.

"Keeping Up With Terpsichore."  12  Oct. 1930, K17.

 “Letters to The Times: Wodehouse Explains,”  20  Jun 1931, A4.

[Untitled story, published in book form as “Fate”; also incomplete—the end of the story is missing in database] 29 May 1932, I10.

Hot Water (serial), Jan. 16–20, 22– 27,  29–31, Feb. 1–3, 5–10, 12–17, 19–24, 26, 1934. 

“‘Good Earth’ Rated Tops by Author,”21  Feb. 1937, C4. (film review; see above)

“Birth of a Salesman,”  26  Mar. 1950, G12.

“Bingo Little's Wild Night Out,” 18  May 1958, K30.

“The Fat of the Land,” Los Angeles Times, 2  Nov. 1958, TW14.

“Fun Begins at 80,”  Nov. 13, 1960, pp. TE14, 16.

Lotus Magazine

Virtues and Vices of Artists,” Lotus Magazine 8.3 (Dec. 1916), 119–121 (reprinted from London Opinion)


Mostly Sally (serial), Oct. 15, 1921 through March 1, 1922 (bimonthly magazine, issues dated the 1st and 15th of every month) (found by Neil Midkiff)

Men Only

“Do Thrillers Need Heroines?” Aug. 1969, pp. 14–15 (reprinted from Louder and Funnier)


Pots o’ Money,” Metropolitan 35.4 (Feb. 1912) 27–28, 50–52, 58 (provided by Ananth Kaitharam)

Something to Worry About,” Metropolitan 37.5 (March 1913) 27–29, 59–60. (provided by Ananth Kaitharam)

Mr. Watson’s Autograph,” Metropolitan 56.3 (November 1922) 26. (information from Neil Midkiff, cited from the FictionMags Index; Tony Ring confirms this is a version of “The Autograph Hunters”)

Milwaukee Journal

“A Day of Meditation Is New Year’s,” Dec. 19, 1929 (supplied by Ananth Kaitharam)

Big Money (serial), Dec. 1931–Feb. 1932 (supplied by Ananth Kaitharam)

Motion Picture Magazine

Piccadilly Jim,”: a “fictionization by Alexander Lowell from the scenario by C. W. Streeter based on the Saturday Evening Post story of P. H. Wodehouse.”  February 1920, p. 61–65, 100, 102. (found by Neil Midkiff)

New York Herald Tribune

“Out-Topping Knowledge” (book review). Nov. 29, 1931, section XI p. 4 (Books).

“There’ll Always Be a ‘College Widow.’” May 24, 1959, IV.1–2.

“A Nostalgic Look at ‘Oh, Kay!’ of ’26.” Apr. 10, 1960, IV.1–2.

“A Fond Look at Days When Anything Went.” May 13, 1962, IV.1–2.

“The Plot to Snatch the Queen” (book review). Nov. 18, 1962.

New York Times

Mr. Wodehouse Objects,”  Feb. 15, 1920, p. XX2.   (Letter to the Dramatic Critic, on a production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s Ruddigore)

“Dogs and Cats and Wodehouse,”  Oct. 3, 1971, p. XV.1.

Newsagents Journal

“Gentlemen of the Press,”  Dec. 22, 1961.  (reprinted from Punch Almanac, McIlvaine D125.3)

Novel Magazine (London UK)

“The Pro.”  August 1908. pp.656-662. (Previously unknown reprint of short story, discovered by Neil Midkiff and Karen Shotting)

“Rule Sixty-Three,”  March 1915. pp.681-687. (Previously unknown short story, discovered by Charles Stone-Tolcher)

“Looking After Thomas”  September 1920. pp.521-527. (Previously unknown reprint [with minor revisions] of short story “The Guardian”, discovered by Richard Fidczuk and Karen Shotting. One illustration by Thomas Henry.)

People’s (US, published by Street & Smith)

“In Alcala,”  People’s 7.5 (Nov. 1909), 837–851? [information from Tony Ring; see also here]

Pictorial Review

“By Advice of Counsel,”  Pictorial Review, September 1910 [in Jasen; confirmed by FictionMags Index; reported by Neil Midkiff]


Serious Charge against a Child,” Punch 124 (April 1, 1903), p. 223 (identified by John Dawson from listing in PGW’s Money Received for Literary Work, located by Ananth Kaitharam)

The Parting Guest,”  Punch 124 (April 15, 1903) 268.  (identified by John Dawson, confirmed by Tony Ring, May 2011)

Radio Digest

Reformation of Study Sixteen,” June 1930 (reprint of Wrykyn school story from 1904; found by Neil Midkiff)

Radio Times (publication of the BBC)

“The Blandings Castle Set.” Feb. 16, 1967, pp. 55–56. (Blurb: “P. G. Wodehouse tells how he created some of the famous characters in tonight’s new comedy series”; thanks to Tony Ring for sharing a scan.) Much of the text was reused in the new Preface to the 1969 Herbert Jenkins edition of Something Fresh, reprinted as the Preface to that book in the 1981 Penguin paperback Life at Blandings.

Salt Lake Tribune

“Orchids to Luise-Muni from Wodehouse Himself” (review of film The Good Earth) February 7, 1937, p. 10 D. [from Ananth Kaitharam]

Short Stories

“The Guardian,”  Short Stories 70.2 (Aug. 1908).

— Citation from Anita Avery; I haven’t seen this, but Tony Ring has verified that this exists, and is the story that appeared in Windsor Magazine in Oct. 1908.  This is probably Short Stories:  A Magazine of Short Fiction, published in New York until 1924; I have confirmed that volume 71 came out in 1909, so presumably volume 70 would have have come out in 1908.)

Spokane Press

How He Won the Wager”: 1905-10-19, p. 3. Abridged version of “Cupid and the Paint-Brush” from Windsor magazine (UK). Not entered by Wodehouse in “Money Received for Literary Work” so possibly this was a pirated reprint. (thanks to Doug Schoppert and John Dawson)

Story Paper Collectors’ Digest

“The Swoop” (abridged).  July 1969 (vol 23 no. 23, 6–9), Aug. 1969 (23.272, 11–14), Sep. 1969 (23.273, 13–14).  (information from Nick Townend, Wooster Sauce 61 [March 2012] p. 20)

The Strand Magazine

Contribution of “Mr. P. G. Wodehouse” to “How Our Novelists Write Their Books: A Symposium of Eminent Authors,”  December 1924, pp. 645–646. [Reprinted in “What I Think”: A Symposium on Books and Other Things by Famous Writers of To-Day, ed. H. Greenhough Smith, published [1927] by George Newnes Ltd., London (McIlvaine E115)]

Suburbia Today

My Idea of a Good Time,”  June 1961, pp. 12–13.  (can also be viewed here)

What, No License?” Oct. 1964, pp. 8–9.

Success Magazine

“When Doctors Disagree,” March 1911 (offered on eBay, May 2011)

Sunday Chronicle

“The Man Who Did Me Down,” Feb. 9, 1936 (see Wooster Sauce 46, June 2008, p. 22)

Sunday Times (London)

“Top Hole,”  Sunday Times issue 7837 (26 Aug. 1973) p. 27

“Not Calling a Spade a Spade,”  Sunday Times issue 7889 (25 Aug. 1974) p. 12

Times (London)

“The Crossword Puzzle” (letter to editor), Aug. 21, 1934, p. 13.

“The Wooster Chin” (letter to editor), Nov. 30, 1937, p. 15.  (reprint listed in McIlvaine E124)


The Intrusions of Jimmy (serial in 14 weekly parts, from 11 June 1910 to 10 September 1910)  (information from Tony Ring; Addendum to McIlvaine lists two of these parts)

“First Aid for Villains,”  Tit-Bits Dec. 14, 1929, pp. 435–436.

Town and Country

“Christmas Everywhere,”  Dec. 1965, pp. 106 and 155.

Tucson Daily Citizen

Smooth-Faced Book Critics Should Emulate Wrestlers,” April 10, 1954, p. 27 (thanks to Peter Lobbenberg for providing the complete citation)

— This seems to be a revised version of “Back to Whiskers” (Forum, Jan. 1937, McIlvaine D24.1); it’s similar but not identical to a section in Chapter 7 of America, I Like You. It may be identical to “Back to Whiskers” (New York Herald Tribune, April 7, 1954, McIlvaine D42.2) or “A Word with Mr. Whiskers” (Yankee, Feb. 1955, Addendum to McIlvaine DA27), but I haven’t seen these two articles.

Vanity Fair (US)

“My Gentle Readers,”  Vanity Fair 34.6 (Aug. 1930), pp. 48 and 74.  Cited in guide to Jay Weiss Collection.

Variety (US)

“Wodehouse Says—: Speaking of ‘Molly Darling’ and ‘Cabaret Girl’ ” (Letter to editor dated Feb. 24 from Aiken, S. C.) March 1, 1923, p. 3. [from Ananth Kaitharam]

Washington Herald Literary Magazine

“Providence and the Butler,” 27 Feb. 1910 (discovered by John Dawson)

Washington Post

(found in database, June 2009)

“The Prince and Betty,”  Washington Post Feb. 15, 22, 29, March 7, 14, 21, 28, April 4, 11, 18, 25, May 2, 1920.

“The Little Nugget,” 6 Nov. 1921, p. 72.

“The Crowned Heads,”  18  Jun 1922, p. 74.

“The Watch Dog,”  30  Mar. 1919, SM7.

“He Yearns to Write Letters to the Editors,”  Washington Post, 14  May 1951, B9. (apparently reprinted from the New York Herald Tribune)

“These Days, It’s the Triple Inverted Squeeze,” Washington Post 1 Sep. 1974, L9.  (revised version of “Not Calling a Spade a Spade,” Sunday Times Aug. 25, 1974)

Weekly Telegraph (UK)

“A Family Doctor Tells this Story,” March 30, 1901, p. 18. [listed in Money Received as “Strange Requests made of Doctors” on the March 1901 page without a publication date; found by Ananth Kaitharam at the British Library]

The Winged Foot (US, published by the New York Athletic Club)

“Absent Treatment,” May 1915, pp. 24–31; illustrations by Wallace Morgan; reprinted from Collier’s, August 26, 1911.

“Archibald’s Benefit,” June 1915, pp. 24–30; illustrations by Wallace Morgan; reprinted from Collier’s, March 19, 1910.

“Deep Waters,” July 1915, pp. 24–31; illustrations by Wallace Morgan; reprinted from Collier’s, May 28, 1910.

“Sir Agravaine,” August 1915, pp. 24–30; illustrations by Milo Winter; reprinted from Collier’s, June 28, 1912. All four were discovered by Ananth Kaitharam.


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