Errata and addenda to The Millennium Wodehouse Concordance

Volume 2: Wodehouse at the Anglers’ Rest

p. xiv:

Delete ThisWeek (dittoed under Big Business) 18-5/58; this issue of the magazine has a different story altogether (Bingo Little’s Wild Night Out)

ThisWeek-BUT, 27-9/36, should be titled “Hidden Treasure”

Add entry for FSF-ASO, A Slice of Life, 6/55

Liberty-MWG should be dated 23-3/29


p. xv:

Strand-PTT should be dated 6/27

“Adrian Mulliner’s Greatest Triumph” should be on the EQ 2/75 line; Esc 2/60 title is “From a Detective’s Notebook” as in Punch and WOM


BANKS, Jno. Henderson: [add cross-reference to Volume 8 for Henderson Banks in Strand-PAW]

BIFFEN, Amanda: niece of Jasper Biffen and Sir Jasper Todd . . .

BIFFEN, Jasper: [delete “Sir”; add Colliers-BBU]

BIFFING, Capt Billy [not just “Bill”]

BIGGS, Jasper, Ltd: [add Strand-BIF reference]

BIGGS, Jno.: Propr. of the Bunch of Grapes tavern (MEE-HSC) [not -RBS]

BIGGS, Jno.: Landlord of the Anglers’ Rest. [add Strand-JUO]

BITTLESHAM, Dean of: [add cross-reference to Dean of Margate]

BLENKINSOPS: [change “verses” to “essays”]

BLICESTER, Earl of: add first name Joseph and country address Blicester Castle, Blicester Regis, Shropshire; cross-reference to Earl of Blotsam. Also cross-reference Volume 7 for later stories, including a name change to Rodney in 1958 and later works.

BOLESCO (p. 15) should be deleted and replaced by — BELASCO, David (1853–1931), American producer, director, playwright; rumoured to have bought Parted Ways for Lenore Ulric. (Cosmo-BES) — at the proper alphabetical location on p. 8.

BOOKER, P.C.: [add “or is plugged on the jaw in Strand-GNI, in accordance with the illustration by Charles Crombie”]

BOOTLE, Grace Terwilliger: [replace “a girl” with “an authoress living in the Algonquin Hotel”; replace Gussett with Gossett]

BOOTLE, Myrtle: [add “female novelist of Bloomsbury” at beginning of entry]


BRANDON, Jane: [add “suffers from mumps in GNI, in which she has married Augustine”]

BRANGBOLTON, Earl of: [In Strand-SMW and Amer-SMW he has fewer given names but is the 7th Earl. In all versions the address is 18A, Upper Brook Street. The brother is Millicent’s Uncle Joe.]

[BRANKSOME,] Bernard: [add brackets around his surname here, since we have no evidence that he is cousin on Muriel’s father’s side]

BRIGGS, Jno.: propr... [delete; name is BIGGS, already present as corrected above]

BRIGGS, Jno. Horatio: [delete; spelled BIGGS, already present and correct]

BROMBOROUGH, Lord: [add at end: “...looked like a fish, according to his butler George Phipps, or like a frog, in the eyes of Brancepeth Mulliner.”]

BUNCE, P. C.: possibly a misprint for Rance, the constable who discovers the body in A Study in Scarlet.

BURWASH, Hortensia: [add “On an orange juice diet.”]

BUTT, Sir Alfred (1878–1962, knighted 1918; theatrical impresario)

CARBERRY-PIRBRIGHT, Mrs.: [add initials “B. B.”]

CARTERET, Colonel Henry: [replace “uncle” with “honorary ‘uncle’ (actually no relation)”]

CLARKSON, Willy (1861–1934): wigmaker and costume designer, took over his father’s business (founded 1833) in 1878.

CLAUD: should be CLAUDE; “banana specials” should probably be explained as tan shoes

CLIFF, Laddie (1891–1937): British musical comedy and film director/producer/writer/dancer/actor.

CLUTTERBUCK, J. Russell [add the initial J.; add cross-reference to Volume 8]

COLMAN, Ronald (1891–1958): British actor active in both UK and US

DALRYMPLE, Vera: [add cross-reference to her in Volume 7]

DIAMOND, Legs (1897–1931): American gangster

DILLINGHAM, Charles (1868–1934): American theatrical producer

DU BARRY, Mme. (1743–1793): last mistress of King Louis XV of France

DU MAURIER, George (1834–1896): Franco-British cartoonist and author

ffINCH-ffINCH, Freddie: [add first name]

FLACK, Agnes: ...built on the lines of Popeye the Sailor Man. [Delete “ ’s friend Bluto”]

FOTHERINGAY-PHIPPS, Eustace: [delete “and more recognisable . . . Drones Club”; there is no indication that he is a Drone as Cyril Fotheringay-Phipps is]

GLUTZ, Sigismund of the Medulla-Oblongata [add first name, correct spelling of Oblongata]

GREASELY, Clarence: [add “Spelled Greaseley in WOM.”]

GRIFFITH, David W. (1875–1948): American film director/producer

GRINDLAY, Laura La Motte: [capitalize “La”; add “George Gossett interviews her similarly in Cosmo-BES.”]

GUNGA DIN: [change “sung” to “recited”; correct spelling of Schnellenhamer]

GUSSETT: [change to GOSSETT, George Mortimer and move to proper alphabetical order on p. 49; add cross-reference to Egbert Mulliner]

HEMANS, Mrs. (1793–1835): British poet

HOPE BROTHERS: a real-life chain of stores from the 1880s to the 1970s

JELLABY, Myrtle: [change “father, Sir Leopold” to “uncle, Sir Leopold”]

JOHNSON, Eustace: [alternately “Gramercy Park railings” in Cosmo-BES; capitalize “La” in Grindlay’s name]

KRIESLER (or KRIESSLER): [Correct spelling of Kreisler is given in Strand-RWA, Cosmo-RWA, USMMS-RWA,WOM-RWA; Kriessler only in MMS-RWA. Change KRIESLER to KREISLER at beginning and on third line of entry.]

LAFARGE, Madame (1816–1852): Frenchwoman convicted of poisoning her husband with arsenic in 1840. SatEvePost-AGM refers to Madame Defarge instead, the character in Dickens’s A Tale of Two Cities who knits while watching the guillotine at work.

McCULLUM: change to McCALLUM

McGOGGIN, Aurelia Mae: Middle name of “Mae” only given in Cosmo-BES

McLAGLEN, Victor (1886–1959): British-American film actor

MAINPRICE AND PEABODY: In Cosmo-BES, the publishing partners are Mainprice and Schwartz. “Associated firm” is a bit of a stretch; there is only one publisher, given different names in the British and American versions of the story.

MARGATE, Dean of: [add cross-reference to Dean of Bittlesham]

MASSY, ARNAUD (1877–1950): French professional golfer

MEADOWES, no 2: [also Strand-RBS]

MEADOWS, no 1: [also Strand-RWA]

MEREDITH, George (1828–1909)

MGM: [In Cosmo-BES the actual reference is to “Metro-Goldwyn” rather than MGM.]

MORNING MILK: the daily paper employing George Gossett as assistant literary editor. (Cosmo-BES)

MULLINER, Egbert: having spent his professional life . . . [delete Cosmo-BES at end, and add cross-reference to George Gossett]

MULLINER, Marcia: [Delete this entry, as her surname isn’t known, and she already appears under MARCIA, Aunt.]

[MULLINER,] Rt Rev Dr Theodore, D D: [I suggest putting brackets around Mulliner, as I can find no place where his surname is given; he is referred to as Lancelot’s uncle rather than Mr. Mulliner’s cousin or as Cousin Edward Mulliner’s brother.]

MULLINER, Mervyn (the second listing) and MULLINER, Montrose: [add cross-references between the two listings]

[MULLINER,] Wilfred: As Aunt Marcia’s surname isn’t known, so neither is his.

MURIEL: [change “niece” to “daughter”]

PARSONS, Louella (1881–1972)

PINZA, Ezio (1892–1957): Italian operatic bass, in major world opera houses 1922–1948. Created role of Emil de Becque in South Pacific on Broadway in 1949. Sang “Ol’ Man River” as part of an otherwise all-classical radio concert in 1930.

PLANK, Mabelle Granger: [change Gussett to Gossett]

PREBBLE, Ellabelle: [she is Sampson Broadhurst’s brother’s second wife’s niece, not Broadhurst’s niece]

PRICE, Arthur: [replace with PRINCE, Arthur (1881–1948): British music-hall ventriloquist who wore a naval officer’s uniform when performing with his dummy “Sailor Jim”; see video at YouTube.

PURVIS, Miss: [change Old to Ol’]

RÉCAMIER, Mme (1777–1849)

SCHNELLENHAMER, Jacob Z: [add reference to BCE-CAS]

SCHNELLENHAMER, Mrs: [add “or Empress of Stormy Emotion in Amer-SIB and Strand-RMN”]

SHIPTON-BELLINGER, Lady Millicent: [in Strand-SMW and Amer-SMW her father is the 7th Earl]

STOOGE, Clara Throckmorton: [omitted in Amer-BIC; spelled “Clare” in WOM-SWE]

STORTFORD, the Rt Rev the Bishop of (second listing): [Delete “Percy”; that’s a mistaken transfer from Percy Bickerton, the first-listed Bishop. Add “Brother-in-law of Mrs. W. Gudgeon.”]

STORTFORD, the Rt Rev the Bishop of (third listing): [Delete “Percy”; see above]

TASHMAN, Lilyan (1896–1934)

TURLEY, Bob (1930–2013): American baseball player [change reference to Play-RAP; not in Lput-RAP]

WALCOTT, Jersey Joe (1914–1994): American boxer, born Arnold Raymond Cream

WALLACE, Nellie (1870–1948): British music hall actress

WICKHAM, Lady: [Perhaps not twice married but just having had her late husband renamed and their backgrounds abridged. In SatEvePost-AGM and Strand-AGM we read about Bingley Fox’s memoirs, the Debenham sisters, and politician and M.F.H. Sir Apsley Wickham. In book versions, this is omitted, and in other stories she is merely the relict of the late Sir Cuthbert.]

WILFRED: see [MULLINER,] Wilfred.

WILLETT, Farmer: [Change to WILLETTS]

ZIEGFELD, Florenz (1867–1932): American theatrical and revue producer


p. 151, last full paragraph should conclude: “. . . Romance at Droitgate Spa, which in its American book version is related by Mr. Mulliner.” [The American magazine version, SatEvePost-RDS, does not have a Mulliner lead-in.]

p. 152: I can find no evidence that “Mr. Potter Takes a Rest Cure” was ever a Mulliner story.

p. 157: Beneath the columnar list of differences it is stated that Lord Knubble of Knopp’s Christian name of Percy is revealed only in the book versions, but this is wrong; Amanda says “I’ve broken my engagement to Percy Knubble” on p. 70 of Lput-BBU, p. 66 of Colliers-BBU.

p. 157, last line: change Colliers to Cosmopolitan

p. 158, first partial paragraph: I see no reason why Eustace “Barmy” Fotheringay-Phipps and Cyril “Barmy” Fotheringay-Phipps must be the identical man; they could easily be brothers or cousins. Nothing in Joy Bells for Barmy besides the sobriquet and surname reminds us of Cyril of the Drones Club, who is often mentioned in other stories in connection with other Drones; that doesn’t happen here.

p. 159, last magazine listing: change 1939 December to 1940 July Strand for “Dudley is Back to Normal”

p. 164: In the first Mulliner story, MEE-TAG, “a small man with rimless pince-nez and an anxious expression shot in like a rabbit and had consumed a gin and ginger-beer almost before we knew he was there.” After two stammering attempts at speech, he vanishes. He is not given his drink name as a sobriquet in this early story.

Add entry: Gin Fizz in BCE-MOB.

Add reference: Lemonade and Angostura is also in MNI-GNI

Change “Pint of Beer” in MNI-CWC to another appearance of the “Pint of Bitter”

p. 165: Scotch and Lemon in MEE-BMO is not really a sobriquet, just Mr. Mulliner’s own order. “From this . . . and the rather devout voice in which he ordered hot Scotch and lemon, I deduced that he had been attending Evensong.”

Add reference: Small Bass is also in MNI-SWE.

In Amer-ACG the Small Bass of BCE-MOB is merely a Small Beer.

Add entry: Small Lager in MNI-SIS.

The Tankard of Stout in BCE-MOB is a Mr. Bunyan, a fruit farmer, the only habitué of Mr. Mulliner’s circle whose surname we learn.

p. 168: Add entry: Frederick Fitch-Fitch, a distant connection, in CWB-RDS

Add entry: Mervyn Mulliner, distant cousin in Amer-ACG, also engaged to Rosalie Beamish.


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