Errata and addenda to the Millennium Wodehouse Concordance


All Wodehouse scholars owe a tremendous debt to Tony Ring for his monumental expansion of Geoffrey Jaggard’s uncompleted work into the Millennium Wodehouse Concordance, published in eight volumes between 1994 and 2001. More recent research has identified errors made by Jaggard which Tony failed to catch, and conclusions that have been superseded by a broader access to the canon of Wodehouse’s fiction. Tony is not planning a revised edition of the Concordance, so for those who wish to insert marginal notes in their volumes, Neil Midkiff is compiling these lists of updated information. Contact him if you have further notes to contribute to these lists.

Many of the notes in these lists give birth and death dates and other biographical information about real-life persons mentioned in the stories. These are intended to supplement rather than replace the descriptive material in the Concordance.


  Volume 1: Wodehouse in the Clubhouse

  Volume 2: Wodehouse at the Anglers’ Rest

  Volume 3: Wodehouse Goes to School

  Volume 4: Wodehouse Among the Chickens

  Volume 5: Wodehouse at Blandings Castle

  Volume 6: Wodehouse in Woostershire

  Volume 7: Wodehouse with Old Friends

  Volume 8: Wodehouse with New Friends