Ashe Marson — author, under the pen-name Felix Clovelly, of Gridley Quayle, Investigator, a monthly series published by the Mammoth Publishing Company.

Joan Valentine — an attractive young woman who contributes short stories to Home Gossip, another Mammoth publication;   adopts the pseudonym "Simpson" for her visit to Blandings Castle.

Mrs Bell — Ashe's and Joan's landlady in Arundell Street

Hon Frederick (Freddie) Threepwood — younger son of the 9th Earl of Emsworth;   engaged to Aline Peters.

Clarence, Ninth Earl of Emsworth

R Jones — a corpulent man, about 50 years old, known as Dickie to his acquaintances, who tend to be young men with lots of money and little sense.

Percy, Lord Stockheath — Freddie's cousin, recently the losing defendant in a breach-of-promise court case.

Adams — head steward of the Senior Conservative Club's dining room.

Mr Simmonds — a relatively new member of the Senior Conservative and one who, in Lord Emsworth's opinion, takes too large mouthfuls when eating.

J Preston Peters — an American multi-millionaire with chronic dyspepsia, a fine collection of scarabs and one fair daughter, Aline.

Thorne — Lord Emsworth's head-gardener.

Aline Peters — J Preston's daughter, Freddie's fiancée and Joan's old school friend.

George Emerson — an Englishman working in the Hong Kong police (Something Fresh) or an American working in a New York law firm (Something New);   wants to marry Aline.

Rupert Baxter — Lord Emsworth's secretary, his efficiency is matched only by his suspicious nature.

Beach — the Blandings Castle butler;   a portly hypochondriac, with "a dignified inertia which almost qualified him for inclusion in the vegetable kingdom".

Merridew — the under-butler

James and Alfred — footmen

Mrs Twemlow — the Blandings Castle housekeeper

Mr Judson — Freddie's valet

Mr Ferris — Lord Stockheath's valet

Miss Willoughby — Lady Mildred Mant's lady's maid

Miss Chester — Lady Ann Warblington's lady's maid

Eddie Waffles — the "official bad boy" of the locality when Ashe was at school, he taught Ashe the useful art of imitating a cat-fight.

Lady Ann Warblington — Lord Emsworth's sister

Algernon Wooster — Lord Stockheath's cousin

Colonel Horace Mant — Lady Mildred's husband

Bishop of Godalming — a house guest at Blandings;   though it is implied that he is a member of the family, the exact relationship between him and Lord Emsworth is left undefined.

Lady Mildred Mant — Lord Emsworth's married daughter

Mrs Jack Hale — "of the collateral branch of the family";   like the Bishop, the relationship between her and the Threepwoods is unclear.

Muriel — Lady Ann's Persian cat

Dr Bird — A doctor in Market Blandings

Slingsby — the Blandings Castle chauffeur

Meredith — the man doing Emerson's work while the latter is on leave (Something Fresh), one of the partners in his New York law firm (Something New).

Characters who speak (or otherwise play an active part) are shown in bold; characters who are merely mentioned or who play no significant part in the story are shown thus. Unnamed characters (eg a maid, a porter) are not listed unless they have a role in the plot. Real-life persons are not listed.

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