The Daily Mail, December 15, 1913






Harlequins ... 18pts.     O.M.T.s ......... 18

In the old days of the Vikings a warrior who had done some good bit of individual work in the fray would instantly shout a sort of chant, explaining who he was, where he had come from, and what was his telephone number. And in American baseball matches there are minions who go round yelling, “Ladeez ’n gemmen, Micky Flynn bats for Spike Mullins. Here’s yer fine pop-corn, only five cents.” But at the Old Merchant Taylors’ ground at Richmond these things are unknown and you have to identify players as best you can. You do not even get a programme.

However, rally round and I will tell you all I can about the very fine game between the O.M.T.s and the Harlequins. I cannot tell you the name of the stocky little O.M.T. forward who marked Roberts so keenly, but I can at least tell you who got the tries.

Wallace opened the scoring for the Taylors as the result of a forward rush. At this point the O.M.T. forwards were rattling their opponents considerably, but only a couple of minutes later they were steadied by a sudden burst of brilliance among the Harlequins’ outsides, ending with a great run by Lambert, who converted his own try.


Sanders, usually the safest of backs, on this occasion failed with his tackle. It would have been better to have pushed Lambert into touch instead of trying a tackle, as the latter was only a few inches inside the line. Playing up briskly after this, the O.M.T’s scored through a splendid run by Ryan, who passed to Cockell on the line. But just before half-time the Harlequins equalised, Lambert kicking an easy penalty goal.

Almost immediately after half-time Lambert made one of the best efforts of his life, zig-zagging through the entire O.M.T’s team and scoring a great try. This put the Harlequins 3 points up. Then once more the O.M.T’s secured the lead, Cockell running well and cross-kicking at just the right moment for Huskisson to gather and score. The Harlequins forged ahead again with a try by Lambert (well fed by Birkett), which gave them a 3 points’ lead.

For the rest of the game the Taylors attacked furiously. Once Cockell was tackled on the line, and a few minutes later Ryan, getting the ball from a five yards’ scrum, hurled himself over (a capital bit of work) and made the scores equal. No side came before either side could score again.