The Books of To-day and the Books of To-morrow, April 1906


THE critics affected to sneer
At the feats of the gay Brigadier;
But the matinée Miss,
Cares little for this,
If only her Waller appear.

We all take our hats off to Tree,
Such a wonderful actor is he;
But we wish that his frocks
Did not reach to his socks,
For they cover the kink in his knee.

Our glance next in order we fix
On that versatile histrion, Hicks;
His play never drags,
For he dances and gags
And makes love with the vigour of six.

Pinero’s new drama, one hears,
Reduces the Premier to tears;
He envies, they state,
Alexander the Great:
His house is in order (Loud cheers).

Mr. Maude, always clever and sprightly,
Seems to bear his misfortunes quite lightly:
Now that house number one
Has come down with a run,
He brings down another house nightly.

In the whole of this mighty metropolis,
No man is more welcome than Popple is;
Though rustic his habits,
Green apples and rabbits
Are now his own private monopolies.



Printed unsigned; entered by Wodehouse in Money Received for Literary Work.