Shown here is a list of magazines and newspapers from which we have stories, articles, and verses by Wodehouse, along with a few interviews with and articles about him. The list is alphabetical, with the country of publication given in parentheses. This site only offers pre-1926 material, which is in the public domain in the United States. Most of these links take you to a chronological listing of items from that periodical. If we have only one item from a publication, the link will take you to that item in a chronological list of sole appearances. If, to the best of our knowledge, we have all of Wodehouse’s pre-1926 contributions to a periodical, the symbol ♦ follows the name in the list below.


 The Age (Melbourne, Australia) ♦

 Ainslee’s (US) ♦

 All-Story Cavalier Weekly (US) ♦

 The Alleynian (UK)

 American Boy (US) ♦

 Answers (UK) ♦

 The Argosy (US) ♦

 The Bookman (US) ♦

 The Books of To-day and the Books of To-morrow (UK) ♦

 Boys’ Friend (UK)

 Boys’ Life (US) ♦

 Burr McIntosh Monthly (US) ♦

 The Captain (UK) ♦

 Cassell’s Magazine (UK) ♦

 The Century (US) ♦

 The Chicago Daily Tribune (US) ♦

 Chums Magazine (UK) ♦

 The Circle (US) ♦

 Collier’s Weekly (US) ♦

 Cosmopolitan (US) ♦

 The Daily Chronicle (UK) ♦

 The Daily Express (UK) ♦

 The Daily Mail (UK) ♦

 The Elks Magazine (US) ♦

 The Evening Mail (New York) (US) ♦

 The Evening News (UK) ♦

 The Evening Standard (Ogden, Utah) (US) ♦

 The Evening Standard and St. James’s Gazette (UK) ♦

 The Free Lance (UK) ♦

 Fun Magazine (UK) ♦

 The Globe (UK)

 The Grand Magazine (UK)

 Greyfriars Holiday Annual (UK) ♦

 Hampton’s (US) ♦

 The Humorist (UK) ♦

 Ideas (UK) ♦

 The Illustrated Sunday Magazine (US) ♦

 John o’ London’s Weekly (UK) ♦

 Kangaroo Island Courier (AU) ♦

 Ladies’ Home Journal (US) ♦

 Land and Water Illustrated (UK) ♦

 The London Echo (UK) ♦

 The London Magazine (UK)

 London Opinion (UK)

 The Lotus Magazine (US) ♦

 Maclean’s Magazine (CA)

 McClure’s Magazine (US) ♦

 Metropolitan Magazine (US) ♦

 Munsey’s Magazine (US) ♦

 Nash’s Magazine (UK) ♦

 New York Tribune (US) ♦

 The Novel Magazine (UK) ♦

 The Onlooker (UK)

 Pall Mall Magazine (UK)

 The Passing Show (UK) ♦

 Pearson’s Magazine (UK) ♦

 Pearson’s Magazine (US) ♦

 Pearson’s Weekly (UK) ♦

 People’s Magazine (US) ♦

 Pictorial Review (US) ♦

 Public School Magazine (UK) ♦

 Punch (UK) ♦

 Red Book Magazine (US) ♦

 Royal Magazine (UK) ♦

 St. James’s Gazette (UK) ♦

 Sandow’s Magazine (UK)

 Sandow’s Magazine (US) ♦

  Saturday Evening Mail: see Evening Mail (New York)

 The Saturday Evening Post (US) ♦

 Scraps: Literary and Pictorial—Curious and Amusing (UK)

 Stage and Sport (UK) ♦

 The Strand Magazine (UK) ♦

 Success Magazine (US) ♦

 Sunday Chronicle (UK) ♦

 Sunday Magazine (UK) ♦

 The Throne and Country (UK) ♦

 Tit-Bits (UK) ♦

 To-day (UK) ♦

 V. C. Magazine (UK) ♦

 Van Norden (US) ♦

 Vanity Fair (UK) ♦

 Vanity Fair (US) ♦

 Variety (US) ♦

 The Washington Herald Literary Magazine (US) ♦

 The Weekly Telegraph (UK) ♦

 The West Australian (Perth, AU) ♦

 Windsor Magazine (UK) ♦

 Woman’s Home Companion (US) ♦

 The World (UK) ♦


  Publications with one Wodehouse item (listed chronologically by item)