Novels from Munsey’s Magazine (US)


Items flagged with the symbol ✎ have end-note annotations.


The Little Nugget — August 1913

✎ The White Hope — May 1914
(published as Their Mutual Child and The Coming of Bill in book form)

Frank Munsey liked to brag about his magazine and its stories:

  — courtesy of John Dawson

  — from the previous month’s issue

Munsey even claimed in the May 1914 issue that Wodehouse and others of his authors “are all new men, who probably would not have made much of a dent in the literary world up to this time, if any at all, had it not been for Munsey’s Magazine, with its wide circulation and complete novel publication.” Of course, as you can see from this web site, Munsey was ignoring Wodehouse’s wide exposure in many magazines even this early in his career. Still, Munsey’s column gives an interesting perspective on the publishing world of the time; you can view a PDF scan of the essay here.