Errata and addenda to The Millennium Wodehouse Concordance

Volume 5: Wodehouse at Blandings Castle

p. xiii:

Grand-LIP serial begins 6/23, not 7/23

PallMall-SUL serial ends 9/29, not 8/29

SatEvePost-HEW serial ends 15.7/33, not 14.7/33

Playboy-FAF and Argosy-FAF are the same story as PLP-SWB, so PLP-LWF (never in magazines) should not be printed between them, but rather should be moved to be the last line on this page.


ALCESTER, Marquess of: Not mentioned in SFR ch. 6.

BASTABLE, Sir Raymond: “In the words of Elsie Bean” is only indirectly true; in COT Lord Ickenham quotes what Elsie Bean said about Sir Aylmer Bostock in UND and applies it to Bastable.

BATES, ‘Stiffy’: The other Pelican who did this is Bill Bowman.

BAXTER, p. 23, second full paragraph: delete “original”; insert “revised (see p. ix)”

p. 23, last line: change “nephew” to “grandson”

BEACH, Maudie: add cross-reference to “Mrs. Bunbury”

BODKIN: Change “Montagu” to “Montague”

BUNTING, Mr.: In Volume 7 we learn from FRA that his given name is Cyril.

BYNG, Reggie: The last sentence “One might have thought...source” should not be here; the description is of Reggie’s passenger Lord Belpher. Reggie is “a slim and elegant young man” here and “long” elsewhere.

CARLISLE, Gertrude: add cross-reference to Vol. 8

CARLISLE, Gordon: add cross-reference to Vol. 8

CHINGACHGOOK: add cross-references to Vols. 6, 7, 8.

COOPER, Lancelot: add “Jerry Vail’s inspiration for creating Lavender Joe.”

COOTES, Lana: aged 12, not 10.

CROWE, Jimmy: In USCOT ch 2 and LHJ-COT, Jimmy was killed in the war. In COT he is an unnamed motor accident victim.

DONALDSON: add ref to APB ch 11 (which substantiates “only friend of the recluse”)

EMSWORTH, Countess of1: A mistake of title, perhaps? In most versions the portrait is of Lord Emsworth’s maternal grandmother; only in SNE is “maternal” omitted. The late wife of the 7th Earl would be his paternal grandmother. So this entry is doubtful. After George Robey, add “or Eddie Foy in SNE and SatEvePost-SNE”. Change “fifth” to “last”; it was the sixth and final shot that hit the portrait in the face.

p. 99: Jaggard did not have easy access to searchable texts of the Wodehouse canon, but he might have been expected to find at least one of the other human Clarences:

Clarence Binstead (CFH, vol. 7 of this Concordance)
Clarence Dumphry (BIM, vol. 7)
Clarence Grayling (TCB, vol. 3)
Clarence MacFadden (MLF-TLF, vol. 8)
Clarence Mulliner (MEE-RBS, vol. 2)
Clarence Renshaw (PJI, vol. 3)
Clarence “Skipper” Shute (TMU-WDD, vol. 8)
Clarence “Hash” Todhunter (STS, vol. 7)
Clarence Tremayne (“Rule Sixty-three” —not yet discovered at the time)
Clarence Tresillian (TMU-TGP, vol. 8)
Clarence van Puyster (Colliers-PAP, vol. 8)
Clarence Yeardsley (MMJ-DCB, vol. 5)
and Reginald Clarence Chippendale (TGI, vol. 8)

FISHER, A L: a mishearing of “a well-wisher”

FOSBERRY, the Rev Canon: “until his retirement” is presumably based on Jaggard’s error in Blandings the Blest in which he has Belford succeeding Fosberry, forgetting that BCE-PHO is a 1927 story rather than part of a 1935 collection. The introduction to BCE notes that the Blandings stories in it precede Summer Lightning, but Jaggard failed to take that into account.

GARROWAY, Officer: Add a cross-reference to his appearance in TSB, volume 7.

GISH, Lillian (the correct spelling; correct in FIP ch 2; misspelled Lilian in SUL and PallMall-SUL; omitted in Colliers-SUL)

p. 127, second line: “...that the Strand and the UK book publication reverted...”

p. 127, last paragraph: “In CRW-CWB and The Best of Wodehouse...”

GUTENBERG, Johannes Gensfleisch (correct spelling)

HALLIDAY, John Stiffy: It was actually his mother and the parson, not godfather Gally, who attempted to prevent him being thus christened.

ICKENHAM, 5th Earl of: End of second paragraph, “late fifties” is in error; he is sixty in UND.

JANE: Constance Schoonmaker refused... — she is the signer of a letter on Connie’s desk, perused by the Duke.

LEOPOLD AND HIS BAND: Twice in FIP “Leopard” is an amusing misprint for “Leopold”.

LUTZ, Meyer (1829–1903): German-born composer/conductor of musical theatre, who spent his adult life in Britain. Gaiety Theatre composer/conductor 1869–94.

MARKET BLANDINGS: The Jaggard error described above under FOSBERRY also makes the third sentence of the first paragraph incorrect. Belford was parson in BCE-PHO which precedes HEW.

MARMADUKE: Duplicate entry; see Marmaduke Twistleton-Twistleton.

MATCHELOW: Mistaken reading; the Matchelows of Heron’s Hill, Sussex, were merely the hosts for the unnamed young man and Miss Frederica Something. No Viscounts anywhere in the account as far as I can see.

MONTGOMERY WARD: fell from 137 7/8 on September 3, 1929 to 49 1/4 on November 13, 1929.

OLD SURE-SHOT: also applied to Lord Ickenham (COT ch 2), without the hyphen.

PARKER, Connie: add “Sister of Laura Roddis.”

PARSLOE-PARSLOE: p. 214, third line: Sir Gregory is cousin of Monica Simmons and uncle of Monty Bodkin.

PATZEL, Fred (1878–1956): real-life hog-calling champion; see this article.

PEACE, Charles (1832–1879): English burglar and murderer

PSMITH, Ronald Eustace: why “elder”? I can’t find any reference to a brother. I can find no evidence for the elder Mr. Smith’s initials given here as R E. In Capt-TLL and MIK Psmith has lived all his life at Lower Benford, the village next to Crofton in Shropshire. In Capt-TheNewFold and PSC, his father has moved from Shropshire and taken Ilsworth Hall in a neighbouring county.

RACKSTRAW, Ava: in USCOT and LHJ-COT her name is given as Marlene.

SMITH, R E, the late: As above, his initials are speculative as far as I can tell. In Capt-TheNewFold and PSC, he has moved from Shropshire and taken Ilsworth Hall in a neighboring county simply because he had a poor opinion of Shropshire cricket, but his enthusiasm for cricket is new, so I cannot explain the opening sentence, taken from Jaggard’s Blandings the Blest.

STORTFORD, Bishop of: delete “the late” which is misapplied from the second Bishop of Stortford mentioned in the canon, the late father of Hermione Brimble (FQO-RAP, Cosmo-JBB). Delete “Percy” (p. 266, 2nd line) as that was the Christian name of the first Bishop, better known as Boko Bickerton. See Volume 2, pp. 126–7.

STOTTLEMEYER: cf. Duane Stottlemeyer (TGI) in Vol. 8.

STUBBS, Maudie: could add “Bunbury for disguise” to the list of her surnames.

THREEPWOOD, the Hon. Frederick: Only in SatEvePost-LIP and Grand-LIP does Psmith recognize Freddie in the train as a somewhat junior fellow Old Etonian. (ch 7; all references to the two of them at Eton omitted in books)

TOOLE, Johnnie: better known as J. L. Toole (1830–1906), English actor; his Gaiety period was 1868–77, but I have not yet found that he played in a piece called Partners.

VISITORS’ DAY: add “At Belpher Castle, Visitors’ Day was Thursdays from 2–4 p.m. (ADD ch 8)”


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