Vanity Fair (UK), October 27, 1904

The age of miracles is said
 By those at least who ought to know
To be a little more than dead;
            And so,
The wonders we behold to-day
Are all to be explained away.

But though they may perhaps be right
 Who make so very wide a claim,
Some things occur which are not quite
            The same
As might be looked for, if the cause
Of all events were Nature’s laws.

It is not that we see to-day
 The crown of alchemy has come,
And transmutation dwells in ra-
With motion never to be checked
And much we cannot yet detect.

There Nature rules, as all confess;
 But those who ask must ask in vain,
For none can understand, still less
What superhuman magic art
Impelled that Baltic Fleet to start.