Stories from Pearson’s (US) — The Kid Brady Series


These stories never appeared in book form during Wodehouse’s life. We are pleased to present them along with their original magazine illustrations. We are indebted to Diego Segui and Troy Gregory for proofreading them, and to Troy Gregory for extensive new annotations (flagged with the symbol ✎ below). Enjoy!


  ✎ Kid Brady—Light-Weight: How He Made His Début — September 1905

  ✎ How Kid Brady Broke Training — November 1905

  ✎ How Kid Brady Won the Championship — January 1906

  ✎ How Kid Brady Assisted a Damsel in Distress — March 1906

  ✎ How Kid Brady Joined the Press — May 1906

  ✎ How Kid Brady Fought for His Eyes — July 1906

  ✎ How Kid Brady Took a Sea Voyage — March 1907