School Stories

The list of Wodehouse’s school stories is presented here, sorted by school. In the case of novels or long stories which appeared in multiple parts in a magazine, only the first serial episode is linked from this page; at the end of each episode you will find a link to the next part of the story. Items with annotations in the end notes are flagged with ✎ below.

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The Gold Bat - The Captain, October 1903

Jackson’s Extra - Royal Magazine, June 1904

Homeopathic Treatment - Royal Magazine, August 1904

The Reformation of Study Sixteen - Royal Magazine, November 1904

✎ Ruthless Reginald - The Captain, April 1905

The Politeness of Princes - The Captain, May 1905

Shields’ and the Cricket Cup - The Captain, June 1905

An Affair of Boats - The Captain, July 1905

✎ The Last Place - The Captain, August 1905

The Deserter - Royal Magazine, August 1905

An International Affair - The Captain, September 1905

The White Feather - The Captain, October 1905

Division of Spoil - The Captain, September 1906

Jackson Junior - The Captain, April 1907

Educating Aubrey - London Magazine, May 1911


St. Austin’s

The Prize Poem - Public School Magazine, July 1901

***In its initial appearance above in PSM, the school name was given as St. Martin’s College and the headmaster as the Rev. James Robinson, D.D. When collected in Tales of St. Austin’s it became a St. Austin’s story with headmaster the Rev. Arthur James Perceval, M. A.

L’Affaire Uncle John - Public School Magazine, August 1901

✎ Author - Public School Magazine, October 1901

The Pothunters - Public School Magazine, January 1902

✎ The Tabby Terror - Public School Magazine, February 1902

The Babe and the Dragon - The Captain, February 1902

Bradshaw’s Little Story - The Captain, July 1902

✎ The Odd Trick - The Captain, August 1902

How Payne Bucked Up - The Captain, October 1902

Welch’s Mile Record - The Captain, November 1902

Harrison’s Slight Error - The Captain, January 1903

How Pillingshot Scored - The Captain, May 1903

The Manœuvres of Charteris - The Captain, August 1903

✎ A Shocking Affair - Tales of St. Austin’s
***(not published in magazines until 1973; appeared first in the book, published November 1903)

✎ Pillingshot, Detective - The Captain, September 1910

Pillingshot, Detective - American Boy, August 1923

Pillingshot’s Paper - The Captain, February 1911

✎ How Pillingshot Scored! — Greyfriars Holiday Annual, 1926



✎ An Afternoon Dip - Pearson's (UK), September 1904

A Corner in Lines - Pearson's (UK), January 1905

✎ The Autograph Hunter - Pearson's (UK), February 1905

Playing the Game - Pearson's (UK), May 1906

✎ Scott’s Sister (reprint of Playing the Game) - Greyfriars Holiday Annual, 1924

✎ Jackson’s Dip! (reprint of An Afternoon Dip) - Greyfriars Holiday Annual, 1925

*** Note: In Wodehouse Goes to School, Volume 3 of the Millennium Wodehouse Concordance, Tony Ring and Geoffrey Jaggard present a comparison of the masters and pupils at Locksley who also appear in the school stories and novels set at St. Austin’s and at Wrykyn. All the Locksley stories appeared originally in Pearson’s, and no other school was named in stories published there. It cannot now be determined whether the magazine editor asked Wodehouse for a distinctive school name, changed the school name himself, or whether Wodehouse initiated the change so as to give the editor a sense that he was getting an exclusive series. Locksley can be considered a transparent pseudonym for one of the other schools.



***Note: The novel A Prefect's Uncle is set in Beckford, but was not serialized in any magazine.

Blenkinsop’s Benefit - The Captain, August 1904

    Not set in Beckford, but features a Beckford character:

Personally Conducted - Cassell’s, July 1907



The Lost Lambs - The Captain, April 1908

Stone and the Weed - The Captain, May 1910

✎ Stone and the Weed - Boys’ Life, August 1923



✎ The Head of Kay’s - The Captain, October 1904

✎ The Guardian - Windsor, October 1908


St. Asterisk’s

✎ The Strange Disappearance of Mr. Buxton-Smythe - Public School Magazine, December 1901

The Adventure of the Split Infinitive - Public School Magazine, March 1902

Our Boys.—II. - Punch, October 21, 1903



The Luck Stone - Chums, September 16, 1908


Sanstead House

The Eighteen-Carat Kid - The Captain, January 1913